Noise and temps problems

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  1. Hi all! I just finished my flowering box. It's 2'x3'x5'. I have an inline duct fan to pull out the air from the closet. It's in my room and it makes a lot of noise and girls dont like that. So I want to make a soundproof box over the fan to reduce noise. Do anyone have tried that. I need ideas on how to make it work efficiently. maybe egg boxes or sonopan?

    I also have a temp problem. I think its my passive intake, I run a 430w sonagro in a batwing reflector. I drilled 5 holes of about one inch diameter in the bottom of the closet and the door is not tight a lot so its a kind of intake. I read somewhere that if i can feel the flow of air in the intake, the intake is not big enough. Maybe a couple of computer fans would help the flow of air. my temps are between 90(door a little open) and 100 closed but not tight.
  2. same probs here! have 4ft tall by 4ft long by 18 inch long cab. i had a few holes and a exhaust fan and a 250 watthps . i had temps at 97 to 92 or so . so i took the intakes and made one instead of a few but big! about 10 inches square. lol. sounds big but then i put a fan inside the box blowing up to the light and to the exhaust fan and now i got it down to 84 and i got great yeild and no problems on burning or anything and on my 2nd grow my 1st of nirvana bubblicious with no probs! so don't let heat discourage u! test a plant out see it if can take it if not make the light higher. my 250 is about a foot away with mylar on the walls of the cab and i got about a half oz. off one bag seed plant. so just test and find out! try to get it down a lil tho
  3. I want to build a box of the same height(2x3x5) and was planning on using a air-cooled reflector, after reading a bunch of threads i have come to the conclusion that unless you use a air-cooled reflector chances are good that your gonna have heat problems in your box and due to the heat coming from the light your gonna have to keep the light a foot or two away from the plant making the growing area smaller.
  4. I have a similar problem, I am using a HyrdoHut and dont want the noise in the room where the setup is. I am going to use tube ducting into a ice chest/cooler then put the fan in it. I will cut holes for the ducting. When it is closed it should keep it pretty quiet like a sound proof box.
  5. hehe it sounds a little weird but I'm not very good in english so I dont know what is a ice chest/cooler. hahaha
    I will lower the speed of the fan to 200 cfm and add some intake. how big should be the intake holes?
    I'm baked and I forget what I'm writing right now so...

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