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Nobody wants to give out hookups

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by letsplaybrick, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. It sucks, I've been asking around quite a bit, but the best I can get is people who will pick it up for me when I give them the money, which obviously isn't what I want because I want to look at the product first. So far I haven't been ripped off that bad, but I'm sure its happened somewhat. I don't have any close friends that smoke regularly and I'm going on the distant friends/people I meet deal here.
  2. If you're trying to find contacts here, you better edit that post. Read the rules.

    Anyway, dealers don't like it when people give out the numbers without their consent. They're doing something illegal and would like to cover that up to a certain degree. Ask one of your friends who smokes to meet his guy, and then ask the dealer for his number when you actually meet him. The results will be a lot better than your current methods.
  3. Ive got a sort of piggy-back question. Is it considered rude to the dealer to be type of person the OP is talking about. IE the guy who will take your money, and buy from someone, but the person selling never actually meets the person who winds up with the product?
  4. Not trying to find contacts here of course. And I have know its sketchy to just give out a number and I've asked to meet the dealers but it never happens. I can see it for the random people but people like my friends girlfriend who smokes who knows me and shit, I don't get it.
  5. Middle men can be horrible if there a unrealiable person but your going to have to work threw one to get your first connection probably... Just find a middle man that you know isn't sketchy and start going thru him, hang with him, become best friends, and start hinting towards wanting to meet the source... OR if your really desprite and you know the dealers name ask to use the middle mans phone and look thru his phone book... This will probably lead to you getting hung up on though...
  6. I'm going through the same shit. My friend jst moved and he was my hookup. Now I got to go through another friend, I met his dealer tho and got his number but whenever I talk to him he says he'll call me back when he has time to meet with me but he never does. I dont know whether or not to keep calling till he agrees to meet with me or not.
  7. Problem i have with giving out hookups is, your dealer might just like to deal to a few people he knows so they might not want a good customer just giving people there #. Ive had friends call there dealers and ask if its ok if i get there #, they say sure i call and they never call back =[
  8. Ok, think about it this way: You're a dealer who has a clientle built up. Would you risk that by taking a newbie as a customer who in your eyes isn't experienced enough to handle the heat associated with the illicit activities, and could potentially turn you in to save their own ass because you can't handle potential police scrutiny? I think not.

    Dealers tend to be paranoid as fuck around newbies who could fuck their shit up.

    You need to build relationships up with people you know who smoke, and eventually you will get a connection. People won't compromise their own safety by selling to someone they don't know, or a person someone else knows etc.
  9. since when did young pot smokers start getting called newbies? lol, oh what the world is coming to
  10. Oh that internet...
    Do the n00bs get pwned too? lol
  11. sounds like your getting middle manned. and that middle man is makin a little bit of paper or some free smoke. thats how it goes sometimes
  12. In my experience dealers love middlemen that have their shit together. The kind of middleman that can get 8oz sold in just 1 pickup. You are not considered a middleman if your just grabbing 1/8s for your friends. Most dealers would consider you a pussy/snitch/fag so dont do that ever. Only half o's and up would require a middleman usually. This works well for everyone, people buying 1/8s and 1/4s are buying from people the middleman is hooking up usually.

    Also, middlemen typically HATE idiots asking them if they can snag an 1/8 or 1/4 for them from the dealer. your trying to skip like 3 steps in the weed chain, so theres 3 people that are gonna consider you a fag and not hook you up.

    To the op, dont worry about meeting the dealers unless the middleman is going out of town or something. just be tight with the middleman.
  13. Tell them you will give them half your pickup for an introduction / referral to there dealer so you can pick up when you aren't with them. Just be honest and say it clearly so they know you want to meet them and exchange numbers instead of having to go through them every time, and offer to give them some of the weed you get this time as some incentive. I think most of the time people beat around the bush to much.
  14. Everyone is a middle man except the grower and the consumer. You don't think the guy he gets it from, gets it from someone else, who gets it from someone else, who gets it from someone who got it from the grower? Usually there is a longgggg line in the chain, and by the time you buying a 20 sack or an eigth, that shit has been passed through 8 hands. All 8 hands made money off that pack too. Unless you are buying from a grower, you are giving money to a middle-man, its the nature of the beast.

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