nobody said life was fair

Discussion in 'General' started by gaba, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. one guy gets caught with weed but gets off because his dad is rich

    another one goes to jail because he is poor and a minority

    the law is a draconian system. go visit a law library there are millions upon millions of laws written

    that fact is they have a law against every single thing you do in your life

    if they want to they can bust down on you for it anytime

    everyone is a criminal under some law in some book shelfed away somewhere in the library

    but they don't bother with that

    unless you get out of line and talk back

    then they hit you over the head with a stick and throw you in a dungeon

    unless you got money

    because with enough money you can buy anything
  2. Right on!

    viva la system

  3. That is a big time generalization dude. Not entirely true at all. Where the hell are you from Mexico??
  4. So go become a lawyer and make money and be knowledgeable about laws and you won't have any problems.
  5. Become a supreme court justice and change it if you don't like it, that be sweet haha
  6. It's the laws added in recent years like homeland security laws and the patriot act that scare me. Not to mention the income tax "law", which isn't even an actual law to begin with, just another great scam.
  7. I got busted with less than a dime and I wasn't causing ANY trouble and was polite, but this asshole who was speeding and is ignorant gets busted with an 1/8 and all they give him is a speeding ticket for $100 some bucks. WTF?!
  8. i hate how the law tries to use hirarchy with their decisions
    there are so many levels of the same crime
    a man steals a radio and another steals a car
    both are going agiasnt the same moral
    so why doesn one deserve more time then the other?
  9. If someone stole your radio and your car, do both losses affect you equally?

  10. i get your point bliss but in that situation i believe that it has more to do with the seriousness of the crime. radio can be replaced in short time and are generally not that expensive. On the other hand MOST cars are worth alot more and thus do more damage to the person being stolen from
  11. Probably because the dollar value of a car is much greater than the dollar value of a radio.
  12. i know but the law shouldnt be based on money
    it should be based on morals.
  13. because a radio costs 10$ and a car costs $10,000.

    iits sure you or someone you know has been arrested for possessing a small amount of weed. lets say a gram. and we all hear story about huge ass busts. theyre both as you say going against the same moral.

    but if you were the chick gettin 10 yrs in prison for a dime bag, Im sure your opinion on the topic would be the EXACT OPPISITE.

  14. it actually is somewhat true, lawyers and the court systems have each others backs. Just by hiring a lawyer you are almost guaranteing yourself that you will get off of at least 1 of your charges, whereas if you would represent yourself, you would be less likely to have tickets and additional charges dropped.
  15. Morals and ethics are infinitely subjective

    What if a guy steals from a market but it's to feed his family?
  16. no because stealing is bad morals
    smoking pot is good morals :D
  17. So true.

    I just got busted the other day by cops for tresspassing in property that hasnt been occupied for years, but i understood that it was my fault. There were 7 of us. 5 white people 2 mexicans(me being one of em). Guess who were the ONLY 2 people who got patted down? Me and the other mexican. Guess who they patted down first outta the both of us? The one with the darkest skin(my friend). I got charged with having a "switchblade" too, meaning a knife thats "too easy to open", even though I legally bought it for $2 bucks at a convinience store. It has a dull 2 inch blade for gods sake.

    explain to me why a store can sell something as if it was a lighter, then I'm the one who gets fucked over.

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