No weed : (

Discussion in 'General' started by davekim, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Damn i got no weedddd. I have the money to buy, but im tryin to see how long i can go without smokin. So far its been a day lol. Imma try and go for a week. Damn just thinkin bout inhalin my first puff makes me cry, damn tahts gonna feel so damn good goin down. Ppl who are wonderin why i am doin this, im just doin it for fun lol. See wat the world is like without being high, haven't done that in awhile. First day was fuckin hell. Everything was boring as hell. Well wish me luckss.
  2. Good luck man, I do that every now and then to lower tolerance and such...or sometimes I'm just flat broke and dry as a bone...a bone that isn't inside the body, cuz those can't be too dry...or are they? Who knows...LOL
  3. ive havent smoked in 4 weeks! im trying to bring my tolerance down and also im starting to grow i gotta save up all my cash cause those hps lights r damn expensive for someone without a job.
  4. Im smoking the last of mine rite now :(. had some left from last night lol
  5. how long should one wait for their tolerance to go down completely? or noticably?
  6. id guess like 3-5 weeks seems resonable.
  7. depends on how high your tolerance already is

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