No Weed + Sleep = ?

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  1. Hey everyone, its been a while since I have been on the city, I hope everything is well (other than this recession...)

    Anyways, I'm here because I've been having this problem and I was wondering if any of you fall into the same boat. I recently have been in a slump due to alot of unfortunate events that occured in January. Food Poisoning, school has been stressin me, and then, after all that, I get dumped after a year and a half by my now-ex for another guy, and to top off the cake, the next day I get jumped at gunpoint by six guys over an ounce. I actually came up with a name for the last two events when they coincide together: "the dump-jump" :rolleyes:. Anyways, life goes on.

    To my point, I got really depressed after all these things and I started to smoke alot regularly, to the point I was high whenever possible, and for a while it was helping out alot. The problem I have now is that for some reason, I cant seem to fall asleep like I do when I'm high when I am sober. It takes ages, and sometimes, I get so fustrated I just light up a bowl and boom I'm dead to the world. Anyone else have this kind of issue?

    I just got sick again, so I'm probably gonna stop smoking until the cold is gone (I have cold induced asthma = smoke = bad.) Hopefully my body will readjust to regular sleep again haha.
  2. Its a hypnotic so yeah, your body gets used to falling asleep high and if you do it long enough it will be hard to fall asleep sobre.
  3. I had the same problem last night..

    If you can get Tylenol PM sleeping pills, those help you a lot if you take 2 a little bit before you go to sleep
  4. One of the major causes for inability to sleep is usually just a lack of physical use. If your just sittin around tokin all day then your bodys saving up all this energy and it has to use it before you can sleep and get some more.

    I would suggest trying to jog for 15-30 minutes a day, thats low but you dont wanna stress yourself starting out. Also you'll sweat some of the THC out of your body which will lower your tolerance a little bit.

    If you can afford a gym membership thats good too :)
  5. I actually am in great shape, I hold down a job, school, and I exercise frequently @ home and at the gym. I don't have time to be sittin around so you could call me a very productive stoner. Usually I'm exhausted after work (which is like everyday), and I still cant seem to sleep unless I rip a bowl or two
  6. i dont remember the last time i went to bed sober...
  7. yes i have a friend who can't go to sleep without his medicine, but yes i used to be the same way, even like one hit would help but since i don't do it as much as i used to i can sleep normally
  8. your body got used to depending on weed to get sleep, that actually getting that dose of thc is telling your brain sleepy time. same shit happened to me. id smoke every night for like, a month. then stop, and i wouldnt be able to sleep. its easy to come over though. what i did was just take over the counter meds. but deep breathing works great.
  9. Jack off, then go try to sleep, bet it works!
  10. Shit man same exact thing happened to me last night, i quit for a few days for mid terms and when i try to sleep I just lay in bed and my body feels like it cant relax and im tense. Its killing me. Try going to Walgreens or a natural food shop and get some liquid sublingual melatonin. Drop a couple of drops on your tongue and youll start to feel relaxed like your high and youll drift off into sleep. My friend gave me some over the summer and it works pretty well.
  11. Try weaning yourself off of it. If you're trying to get away from dependence on it, or any other medication (herbal or not) for sleep, you can't just replace it with another one. It kicks one habit, and starts another. You have to wean yourself off of it until you can get to sleep without it.

    On the other hand, if you don't mind the dependence, just take some melatonin or any other herbal, otc sleep aid.
  12. Try melatonin. It's a natural hormone that your brain produces during REM sleep. Dont take it too often tho, because it can cause intense dreams.
  13. i get insomnia too when im sober. it makes tbreaks a bitch. honestly just go work out more, i know you said you did, but short of using any other drugs (Even legal ones) the best thing youre gonna be able to do is push yourself really hard working out. its a bad cycle to get into and one im trying to break myself, so goodluck getting over this. (after a few days it should get easier)

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