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Discussion in 'General' started by poondaddy, May 19, 2004.

  1. i havent seen a thread on hockey here...

    but anyways whos ur pick out of the lightning or flyers...

    i want lightning but thats only beacause im rooting for my home team. Never really payed any attention to it until the lightning started gettin good.
  2. i just seen calgary kick sj ass last nite!! i'm goin for tampa bay. which i should be watching right now;)! wooohooo richards just scored!!! 3 zip hehehehe:)
  3. yah look at the score now...:(

    so whats ur guy's picks out of the flames and sj

  4. i don't know the players well enough for that lol. i used to watch hockey alot more when i was younger. i pretty much grew up with it. i've just kinda picked it up again this last season. i've gone to a few games this year to watch some friends play, well at first it was to see their hockey butts lol, but the game eventually did intrigue me;)!
  5. god damn robitussin, i jus picked the flyers, then i went back and read and thought i jus imagined reading about the flyers, and now i see it again

    so once again, i'm goin wit the flyers
  6. I don't follow or really give a shit about hockey, but I'm hoping the Flames will win just because I am a Calgarian. I'll tell you, when the Flames win there are some crazy fuckin parties going on downtown.

  7. what a game!!! that last goal was just unreal!! the flames did it! kicked some crazy ass;)
  8. Yea, go flames! I picked the flames to go all the way to the cup ever since they beat vancouver. They are gonna win it, it will be vs tampa bay Im thinkin.

    Ill go ahead and say Calgary in 6.

    Damn, its about time a Canadian team made it to the finals.
  9. lol its about time tampa made it to the finals :D
  10. the bruins shoulda been there, fuck, we can beat any team but the candians, kinda ironic. But i really like clagary, they play with heart, and tampa, they are a good team. I love how st louis is the smallest but hardest workin playa on the lightning


  11. Boston just plain old sucks in the playoffs. They play good during the season but when they get to the playoffs they just cant seem to step up their game. That is why they are pretty much always out 1st round.
  12. yah i like st louis, he kicks ass
  13. sonovabitch! Tampa lost it in overtime. Looks like its coming down to the last game.

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