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no stoned posts from me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr_Criminal, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. This is a very pointless thread. But, I just realized.. I registered in May 2003. I haven't smoked for over 2 months cause I wanna get a job.
    And.. well, it seemed sad to me. I've never been at the grasscity website stoned, never read any posts stoned, never made any posts stoned.. And I am sssssuch a pothead.
    It's depressing.. but soon my stoner friends! Soon! Another 3 weeks at the most.. I hope...
    I should have a job within a week. But even so, I'm not gonna smoke for 2 weeks after I get the job in case they're like, "test results were inconclusive.. do it again". That would suck sooooo bad. To quit for so long, get a job, smoke an ounce the night after the test, and then be retested a week later..
    But yeah. Ramble ramble ramble. I wanna get high. I look forward to talking to oyu guys stoned.
  2. I really need to find a job mom rubs it in my face everyday "When you getting a job, Mary Kathryn?"..every fucking day! Doesn't she realize that makes me feel worse about myself?

    It's bad enough that no one wants to hire me, but to have my own mother treat me like shit about it.

    I really need to find a job so I can have money to smoke again. I'm miserable without weed of my own :(

    EDIT- I spent too much time ranting on about my problems, I forgot to wish you luck on yours...GOOD LUCK ON FINDING A JOB!
  3. If I could smoke, I'd have an ounce in my desk drawer right now. And if you lived around here, I'd be like "you've got 5 minutes to get over here before I fire up without ya." :)
    But maaaan I can't wait. I MIGHT not be able to smoke for like.. years. If I get a decent job that random tests. As much as I would hate for that, I might have no choice, if I want to move out on my own within a year. And want decent money.

    I dunno. I might maybe just be like screw it.. cause what good is having money to spare if I can't do the main thing that makes me happy. (No girlfriend here, no hobbies really. Smokin bud is all I really have to look forward to.)
    I think most $8-10 an hour jobs wouldn't random test. The job I might be getting is $13 an hour and they probably do random test. :/ I dunno man.. I dunno.
  4. I hear ya bro! Keep holding on, eventually you'll be smoking the cheeba again and everything will be golden. Just imagine that first high after months and months of waiting... All I can say is "Mmmmmmm." ;)

    I haven't smoked in about a month, either, but it's not because of anything in particular... it's because I can't *FIND* any! My area is so fucking dry, it's ridiculous. I've been getting desperate. Hopefully that will all change tonight (I finally got ahold of my favorite dealer.. he's been gone to germany for the past month, go figure :))

    Anyway, keep holding on! It will come soon.

    Peace and love bro!
  5. simple solution to your problem. Get some detox, keep it where its within grasp lol. There you go you can smoke till your heart is content and always have that bottle for emergencys
  6. A random test, I heard they gotta tell you some days before. But I've also heard they can be like, "hey, piss, now."
    So I dunno. I think I'm going to just get a crappy job and get a really cheap apt. Screw not smoking.
  7. Good luck in getting a job man...

    I know how much it sucks being poor and unemployed

    Youve earned the right to a good job so dont settle for second best.

  8. Hey HemPress, how old are you? Don't let mom or anyone else get ya down-you will get a job-don't worry about it! When it's right-it will happen!!!

  9. I just turned 20 a week ago.

    Thank you :D
  10. its been too months without smokin and you still aint got a job ? HURRY UP MAYNE
  11. its been like 12 hours since i smoked, last night was fun!! well, im gettin a 20 sack today, good shit, i already smoked some of it with my bro, but last night i couldent really come on cause i was gettin torn apart from popups, took me like 10 min to write a post shorter than this!!
  12. I also wish you all the best of luck with the job search.

    Please sum1 post about the unemployment situation in USA . i dont hear much about it on the news over here in europe , what % r outta work? what kida benifits can one expect from govt? that sort of thing....
    Most important tho whats with all this random testing shit ?? that sounds really fcukin horrendous!! what happend to workers ( HUMAN ) rights ??

    Anyway all the best TTFN KOOKIE ::::
  13. Kookie you mayt want to make that i post... so go make one it will be a big hit!
  14. ya its pretty fun to post here stoned, especially when you are stone and spun! you just feel like talkin, yet your still in the stoner mentality.. yup..

  15. I know calitoker I should have a job by now. I've been trying to hold out for something at least $10 an hour. See I'm wanting to try to move out with whatever job I get.
    If a place random tests, they have to say it in the papers you sign when you start employment, don't they?
    See, now I'm waiting on this $13 an hour job, but they very well may random test, so I'd just be wasting my time to go get it and start smokin again. Would have to get clean all over again.
    I dunno man. I can't find a reliable room mate so I can't take less than $10 an hour and still move out. Argh the US sucks.
    I have NO gooood friends. I wish I did cause then I could just run out and get an $8 an hour job and get a room mate and all would be good for a year or three.
    Ya know.. I think I will just go work in a factory some where at $8 an hour. Whatever job I get I'm keeping it for a minimum of 6 months, so.. yeah. I'm only 18. I guess I don't really need to worry about moving out for at least another year or so.
  16. A friend of mine worked at Home Depot about a year ago, he hadn't smoked in about 6 months when we decided to take some over his house and smoke him out-well monday morning guess what? Random drug test and he failed-he was fired on the spot! I felt like shit cause it was my weed but what are ya gonna do? He is in his 40's so he's a big boy and can make his own decisions but I still felt like shit!
  17. I know what you mean by the never being high while on gc before. That's because I havent smoked in like 3 weeks. I never have any damn money. It seems like being on this site would be even better while stoned.

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