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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by katie, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. i already harvest most of my plants and some of the bud already dry and snap off into ziplock bag, BUT the question is why the smell different than the one i bought off street before, they are not the same smell, even i smoke them they are different taste, or they will change after?
  2. it could be the strain, or it could be one of many other possibilites like if it was cured. also how it was grown might have sumthing to do with it. what kind of light did u use? and howmany watts?
  3. 1000 watt hps
  4. yeah, strain and curing will make a big difference in taste... whats it taste like? if it smells and tastes like cut grass then its not properly cured....

    and dont keep your harvest in a ziplock bag... use canning jars...
  5. tastes like cut grass
  6. i dont think its too late to cure, just put it in an airtight jar and keep it there for about 2 weeks, open about once a day to let air get to it, then close it up again. do u know what strain? or is it just bag seed??
  7. they are from clone from someone
  8. yea, keep them in a air tight jar, and put it in the frige in the dark area.. after 2 weeks, the smell will improve, and the pontecy aswell. the longer u cured it, the better results..latezz..
  9. try to keep temps at about 80deg. for curing, and very low humidity... but when curing is done keep it in air tight jars in a cold dark place....

  10. lmao...thats exactly how mine is....but burnt cut
  11. just try to smoke some yesterday, yeah burnt cut grass...
  12. i dry mine in paper bags for about a week and it tastes great. I dont cure or anything and its awsome.I just keep the bags in a dark place with about an 8th spread along the bottom of each bag (i use the little lunch bags)

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