No Signs Of Flowering After 4 Weeks On 12/12?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wadenfx, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. topic says it all, cant see any signs of flowering, its been 4 weeks on 12/12 .. ???


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  2. Light leak possible?

    A blunt a day keeps the doctors away!
    Do u know the strain?

    A blunt a day keeps the doctors away!
  3. Same problem for me. I switched the lights to 10/14 and within 3 days I noticed preflowers on two parts of the plant.
  4. last time I had that trouble I had set the timer wrong.
    well the thing is i dont use a timer, i turn it on myself but i do it every 12 hours exactly , every 12:20 I'm here to turn it on or off
  6. What kind of light is shining on them in the pic? kind of looks like sunlight.
  7. i'm home to flip the switch everyday also. I still have a timer. alot of things can happen and if your not there for some reason (any reason) and you can't turn them off, that could hurt. do you have complete darkness?
  8. They will veg until they reach sexually maturity. I see alternating nodes so it should start soon.
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  9. I have a couple seedlings that I left in my box that are in 12/12 and they are flowering
  10. You can go to any store and get an analog timer for not even $10, I forked out the like $18 for one on Amazon and have never looked back. Just check for light leaks, make sure it is pitch black, any kind of light at all will throw them off, after that, just some patience my friend. Your next step should be a timer though. 
  11. Yea that looks like the plant is near a window, and probably lets street light in at night.
  12. Doesn't invalidate my statement, they will veg until they are mature. Some strains react better than others when forced, as this thread exemplifies.
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    nope, it's a closed closet
  14. Mine be flowering for 26 days and no Singh of Nonthing
  15. How old is it ? Its probably not mature enough to flower yet.

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