No Quarter

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  1. So iam at the crib chillin, burning some dvd's. Usually i listen to music while on my rig, but today i got the house head unit bumping. It is so beautiful out today, i have all the windows open, just took a couple hits of some dank asss Sensi-Star i picked up and , i am currently listening to "No Quarter" (live off The Song Remains The Same) very loud and stoned off my ass. This song never ceases to amaze me. Can anyone on GC feel me?
  2. I never heard the live version but the one on Houses of the Holy is pure amazing. No Quarter is definitely one of my favorite songs from Led Zeppelin, very underrated and even better when your high. Amazing how such a simple riff could sound so unique.
  3. Hell ya dude, I've got that on my smoking playlist

    One of my all time fav songs, stoned or sober.
  4. Good song to drive around to during a snowstorm while baking. I like it.
  5. love that song so much by zeppelin,

    the documentary was great.

    jimmy page was just the greatest in the videos.
  6. one of my favorite zeppelin songs! that first time i got high i was watching the song remains the same. to this day (13 years later) i still watch it and smoke a bowl. god i love zeppelin
  7. I have the live version, it's absolutely amazing.
  8. One of my favorites of all time.
  9. No Quarter is a song I either love or hate it realy depends on the show, length, and what type of mood I am in. Though the version on TSRTS is good and I will listen to it about twice a month. If you think this song is underated I would recommend listening to The Rover.

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