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  1. Hello everyone, I just joined the forum it's awesome by the way. I have a question in regards to getting a cannabis card. I live in so cal so that is a plus. I'm glad we have a state that allows medicinal marijuana, it's better than taking addictive pharmaceutical drugs. Well I have had insomnia and severe migraines for quite a while now. I did see the doctor a couple of times when I was younger about it. I don't really have much of a medical record because I have had no health insurance for about 6 years now. The problem never really went away. I recently started smoking marijuana about 3 months ago and it's helped out my condition tons. Now I want to make an appointment at a clinic. But I have no physical paper work from a doctor of my conditions. Is there a way for me to get approved for my cannabis card?
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    Hon, get those old doctor's records! They are the BEST kind of proof. You have proof of a condition that dates back to childhood- before you used cannabis. This makes your claim for a rec, pretty darn good! So look up that old doctor(write, call, email), your records may be in storage, but doctors keep them for a long time. Your Mom can tell you his name. Just tell her the truth. You are thinking about seeing a specialist about your migraines and you think it would help in the treatment. You were just a kid, you can't remember all the details the doctor would have written down.

    If you can't get hold of the doctor, look for the cheapest clinic (Medicann is good). They tend to be more "liberal" about give recs.

    And as a fellow migraine sufferer- Ain't cannabis WONDERFUL! :hello: Try different varieties. Most strains work for me, but some work better than others.

    Granny :wave:
  3. storm hit the nail right on the head with that. mj for migraines is 100x as good as taking an exedrin. i get sick almost everytime i take on. but if i go smoke a joint, my head will pretty rapidly start feeling better, and i can actually function again. good luck with getting it, I know how much it'll help. i wish they had the same laws in other states as well :(

    prop 215!
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    Visit the CalNORML web site and look at the Doctor referrals link. It's a no hassle process. I took medical records but really didn't need them. These Doctors are compassionate and believe in what they are doing.

    I am smoking for severe chronic back pain and imsomnia. It beats the hell out of addictive pain killers and sleeping pills.
  5. Thank you guys very much. The help is greatly appreciated. Now the next thing to do is get my medical records and make an appointment.:rolleyes:

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