No Pest Strips Vs Beneficial Insects

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by U S S R, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. so I’ve pieced together a war plan for my spider mite outdoor problem. I’m in the first week or two of flowering so I’m trying to avoid using neem oil or Azamax (I will if I have to but I prefer not to). Today I assembled my army

    -Diatemaceous Earth to spread on the top layer of soil

    -3000 ladybugs and I will also put a bowl with a wet sponge and raisins in the pots so they can breed

    -Also bought praying mantis eggs. gonna let those hatch on the plant

    -Ordered 2000 predator mites online today, should be coming in a day or two.

    -Bought a hot shot no pest strip

    My question is, I’ve heard the no pest strip can be powerful against spider mites but I was wondering if they’ll also end up killing all the beneficial insects I got? I wouldn’t want the no pest strips killing the ladybugs, mantis, or predator mites. I can’t seem to find any answers for this online.

    What do you guys think of this lineup for mite defense seeing as how I’m trying to avoid using more foliar sprays? And what do you think about adding no pest strips? Appreciate any feedback ASAP, I need to fix this!
  2. No pest strips might work in an enclosed indoor grow but you're wasting your time outside with them
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  3. It will also kill the good bugs.

    If you are already seeing spider mites I'd spray first with the neem or insecticidal soap before using the beneficials. It might already be too late. Once they start flowering the mites will take over.

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