no one to talk to!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by jade420, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. every time i drop in i never get a reply or anything by the time i gotta go... some one chill w/ me for a few!
  2. What's up Jade. I'll chill with ya!! How's life treatin' ya?
  3. high, but saddly bad, cuz i'm not
  4. hey, im here, dont have converstations with out me...
  5. really, i didnt know you loved burnables!! i really couldnt tell!lol
  6. I'll smoke a bowl for ya Jade! Things will get better!! Keep your chin up.
  7. ...but if you smoke too much, and your chin kinda slups down while you zone out, that ok to do....
  8. Listen to ganjaguy, he brings up a valid point!!
  9. thanx, i'll try hopefully once i get home sum1 will stop in..dont worry, no ones into a DEEP conversation yet!
  10. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!!
  11. thanks lil buddie
  12. Glad to help ya out!! I'm sending some good karma your way too!!
  13. thanks the way i fell latly i need it...
  14. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger my friend!
  15. you got it
  16. Right on!! Just smoked a bowl for ya!

  17. I'll send you all the happy, stoner love karma that I can!!!! And the whole next joint I smoke is for you!!!!!!!!

  18. Thanks for your generosity flowerchild!!
  19. yeah, ill pull out the old trusty 18inch PVC bong, and hit that up, and send you some good, heavy hit karma... peace
  20. thanx peeps, to bad i cant be any of these places physically , I caught a buzz when i got home, my best bud from new york dropped in and gave me a sweet lil bud that smelled and had an after taste of salt and pepper

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