no one on :(

Discussion in 'General' started by -, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. I have posted in EVERY forum here and no replies for a while...guess I go smoke my last joint and wash clothes for work
  2. Sometimes being all alone isn't so bad. You know, if you have to play catch up with the posts? We get spoiled to fast replies and it makes being all by your self even worse!!!!
  3. You gotta get a feel for when the peak hours are.....most people seem to be online around 9pm to 3 am my thats a lot of europeans coming on here early in the morning I suppose.

    I've been working all day but I just got this place will liven up, now that Im around to save the day.
  4. i usually come on some time during the morning then again at night (eastern standard time)... never really have a problem w/responses though... i guess it's just luck? lol
  5. Damn I just signed off, should of read up on those like HUGH ass ones that saying there is no god and stuff, I luv those :)
  6. i like playing catch up with the posts...its kinda fun especially while getting others in at the same time...i hate playing catch up with the posts..there are usually a lot of them
  7. "i like playing catch up with the posts..." "...i hate playing catch up with the posts.."

    lol ummm ok
  8. damn still no one!

    lol j/k......and that was a few days ago, not today, or now :D

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