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Discussion in 'General' started by cantstopwontsto, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. I just read some article saying how pot smokers become very lazy and lose motivation in life.... This isnt true right? Are there any hardworking intelligent potsmokers out there?? Theres gotta be... right??
  2. Aren't you a pot smoker? If you are, what do you think? Do you believe yourself to be lazy and unmotivated? Do you think that about your friends who get high?

    Lazy people are going to be lazy, with or without pot. Motivated people are going to get their groove on, with or without pot.

    I know more hard-working intelligent stoners than I do stupid, lazy ones. The article is yet another way of trying to spread the propaganda.
  3. Me=P......Lol I'm not the hardest worker in the city, but I am pretty damn smart=P.......But for the most part....pot smokers are actually very intellegent, were not all what everyone thinks, sure alot of us get lazy sometimes but we arent retarded, timewarped fucked in the head(okay I am sometimes).....Your in control of your life if you wanna be a stoner and be lazy go for it....If you wanna work and be lazy then go ahead=D Theres many diffrent types of pot smokers, I like them all, but I'm the more go to school high, get high scores on test kinda person llol...I'm just a chilled out guy who knows his pot and loves to hang out with people=D.
  4. I guess your right... Im just a little nervous i guess.. Im gonna be a freshman at college this year and Im nervous that I wont be able to get my shit together..

    I used to smoke whenever my friends had some... Then about 2 weeks ago I bought a bong and Ive been going through almost an oz every 5 days with my friends..
  5. basically i wanna make sure i can still get high enough grades so i can get a high paying job without getting too lazy and messing up
  6. If you're that serious about college then you may need to stop smoking an oz every 5 days=P......You'll prolly be brain dead before the end of the year=D lol j/k TOKE ON and get fuckin haamf'd, its your first year in college, get good grades,study, and of course CHEAP BEER AND KEG PARTYS!!!!
  7. thats another thing... alot of people tell me they are able to focus more when there high. Now Ive never tried studying for a test when im high or anything, but when Im high i cant seem to focus on one thing for more than 2 minutes. It just came to me that could this possibly be because when I get high i get fucking ripped?? Like maybe if I only take one rip from my bong Ill get just stoned enough to focus more without getting blasted??
  8. Yea thanks... Also can someone PLEASE give some input on my topic "ive been trying to figure this out for a while... " I cant find any answers and Ive been looking for sooo long... I really thought you guys would know.
  9. this kind of bad publicity bites!!

    People dont know about all the good hard workers who are haamf'ed off their rocker right now, all they hear about is the bunk little chump hotboxing his moms basement, ala those tv commercials. I love that one ;)

    the kids older brother looks chill, id be in the basement blazing right next to him if i could :D
  10. It depends on what i'm being lazy about, i can be the laziest mofo any of ya all have ever seen when i'm chillin, but when it comes time to not be lazy, well backdafucup cause i'm always the one at work kickin' ass and takin' names, people always come to me with questions becasue "I know everything" (their words), or when it comes to biking, i ride 50+ hours a week when my bike ain't busted, and pretty much anytime i'm riding i'm HAAMF, actually i pretty much stay high all the time except for workdays if i'm on a job that doesn't require weed.

    For the most part we're not lazy, we just have different priorities and motivations. Example, a stoner will display an intricate understanding of physics, fluid dynamics, and pressure diffrential relationships when it comes to building a bong, will think, work, and improvise to the extent of genius to ensure a shizzlebamtastic piece of homemade smokeware, yet the same stoner will oftentimes be too lazy to perform even the simplest of tasks in which he/she has little or no motivation to do so.


  11. Yeah, you never see any weed commercials where stoners smoke a fatty and somethin' positive happens, like back when we was a whole crew dishwashin' in the busiest restaurnat in town. We'd all be blazed back in the kitchen kickin' ass with professional snap and skill, all stoners, all stoned, all the time. Non-stoner workers were always the ones draggin' ass and not being able to keep up and screwin' up simple stuff cause they were not stoned, and therefore less happy, and when yer happy ya work better. It was so pimp back in tha day bustin' suds there, i designed the entire kitchen to be stonerfriendly in layout, menaing that you didn't actually go anywhere to change tasks, you could stand in the same place and do like 10 differnt things, and the wholw crew of us would get all stoned, crank up the tunes, and be a bunch of happy to be at work mofo's washin dishes at an athletically challenging rate. We worked in the busiest restaurant in town, also the pimpest place cause the owner is a fuckin' cool dude and just lets us do our thang to get tha job done. At the end of the night every night the whole kitchen was scrubbed from ceiling to floor by us, i mean hardcore cleanin, scrubbin under singks, breaking down all the racks and taking 'em outside for pressure washin' and by the time we walked out the door, we was leaving a spotless kitchen that kicked ass like hardcore all night with the kind of skills you see in athletic sports. We'd be tired as fuck, soakin' wet from boith water and sweat, hands all waterlogged and shriveled,, and would have "dishwater nuts", the condition where the sinkwater goers thru yer apron and all pools in yer underoos below your sac, and makes yer shit all itchy. But, like 1/2 hour later when we was all back at tha pad chillin' at like 4:20 am wit a fat blunt, some bongs, some hookahs, ans some glass pieces goin' around tha room, we'd all be scratchin our nuts and gettin HAAMF after a fuckin' fun ass night at work.

    We even tried to find out if there was such a thing as "professional dishwasher contests" where teams of kitchen crews compete washin' dishes with snap and skill, cause we woulda took over on that shit with our mad shizzle. I think there shoud be dishwashing team comps like that, it'd be sweet, especailly if ya got judged on style points. Haha, it was funny too cause we had all the servers and bussers trained to answer when any of us called "Monkey, come here!", it's all good cause all dishwashers were called Fish (or "Big Fish" for the head dishwasher) and we had a whole language specific to work that equated to a series of different sounds and grunts that meant stuff.

    whoa,, hmm,,,

    I guess the answer is we're not lazy, we just tend to wander off topic sometimes.

  12. haha yea tru... also whats HAAMF mean?

  13. damn... well that blows my planned responce outta the water.

    i was gonna say the same thing except take 5 paragraphs to say it all. :p
  14. "Lazy people are going to be lazy, with or without pot. Motivated people are going to get their groove on, with or without pot."

    Heheh. That couldn't be truer. I was lazzzzy when I smoked. Now that I haven't smoked in over 3 months, I'm ssssstill just as lazy, if not lazier.
  15. maybe go to school and work all week, then party like a motherfuker on the weekends, BUT BE SAFE.

  17. Cs_shoota gets high in his moms basement all the time!!!!!!
  18. two of the most lazy people i know dont smoke any pot

    with smoking there are paths you can choose to take.
    there are some people who look like stoners and are ass lazy, the kind of people you just know smoke. then there are the other people, the one you really cant tell. I smoke every day, but noone would ever guess, even those that are quite close to me, maybe its the semi prepy look i have.
  19. i'm lazy. even when i'm not lazy, i wish to be lazy.

    except when i'm having fun, then i just wish i was high if i'm not.

    with or without pot. but mostly with. or beer, beer is good.

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