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No need to hold in ur bong rips?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bonginator, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I've been told from a friend that holding in you rip/toke could doesn't effect anything. he said if you just hold in for about two seconds that all the THC is released. TRUE??????? IDK
  2. you know ive heard about that and im pretty sure its true. like the only thing that would maybe get you "higher" is that the other chemicals in the smoke will hit you. but from personal experience, i think that its only about 2 seconds to max hit efficency so dont hurt your lungs and just breath after like 2 seconds.
  3. Its a simultaneous effect, i had the pleasure of doing a thc project damn well in highschool.

    (Look it up motha fuckahs i know ull come)

    If u fully inhale ur all set no need to hold.
  4. it takes 1 second for 96% of the THC to be absorbed into your lungs. any more after that and you're basically just letting the resin accumulate. i learned this not too long ago, and now i pretty well never hold it in more than 1 or 2 seconds. and for those that argue against this saying "but i literally can feel it going into my dome when i hold it longer", well, thats the feeling you get when you deprive your brain of oxygen.
  5. I heard a rumor goin around about somethin like 96% of the THC is absorbed in the first few seconds. I never actually read it anywhere. I was interested to see if that's true after hearing about it again. I just tried lookin for that n the only thing that i can find is other forum sites with the same topic, no professional sites. Regardless of this, I do remember reading that patients in the San Fransisco vaporization study, the THC levels in each patient were signifigantly affected, solely by the time the patients breath was held for.

    Based on personal experience, I'd defenently agree that holding a hit in, no matter how it was taking, will greatly increase your high. I've noticed that by holding my breath in for a long time, I'm able to get satisfactorily high from small quanitities, such as half a bowl.
  6. Yeah but that's vaporization, rippin a bong is a completely different way of inhaling smoke
  7. Smoke and steam are essentially the same thing: molecules coming off something due to heat, which is just dense enough to be visible. Steam is actually what makes smoke white; even though you're burning the material, it's still vapourizing the water in the material. The only real difference is that smoke is more unhealthy, because the weed is burned directly, thus dissolving most of it into the air (the ashes are the only part that remains solid) while steam is healthier because it's only the parts that can vapourize (in this case water and thc) that dissolves into the air.
    But when you smoke it the thc will enter your lounges in the same format as when you vapourize it, only there'll be alot of extra, unneccesary shit following it, so basically the amount of time you hold in the smoke should have the same effect on your high as the amount of time you hold in the steam. Am I making any sense?
  8. supposedly 3 seconds gets all the THC absorbed into your lungs
  9. 2-4 seconds and your good man.

    No need to hold for 30 seconds or more.
    You might just pass out if you do it over and over that way hah.
  10. Trying very hard to sound smart. I hold it in for 5-7 seconds and I get pretty high. Also, stop saying shit about oxygen deprivation, it takes over 3 minutes.
  11. I make sure to hold my hits about 5 seconds
  12. ya it's actually worse for you to hold it in because your thc receptors are only fluctuate for fractions of seconds at a time, so they recognize it in your lungs and suck it up reeeeeeal quick, then all that's left is your resin and carcinogens. especially if you smoke blunts you should do this cus you don't want all that gross stale leftover tobcacco from the leaf and paper getting to your lungs for too long.

    can i get an amen for glass and papers?
  13. First time I heard this a long time back I was like Noooo way. I was so used to taking huge hits and holding those fuckers in for 20 seconds.
  14. Does anyone have a source for this "96% in 1 second" rule?
  15. I'm pretty sure it was 3 seconds.
  16. The rule of thumb for me was 5... Just smoke. Lol
  17. Don't forget that CO2 and CO levels effect you brain as well and the levels of CO definitely go up in your blood when you smoke.

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that your brain isn't sending any signal to absorb the THC and rather its the magical property of diffusion that sucks the molecules in the smoke into your blood. If you can site where you got this information i would greatly appreciate it.

    Most importantly IMO is that its not just the THC that gets you high, and i would assume they are all have different abilities to permeate the lining of the lungs. I really want to see the scientific study that shows the THC absorbtion over time, i am guessing there is only the vaporization one as i haven't seen any others ever referenced.

    For the record, anecdotal I do get higher of smaller amounts of weed when i hold it in like a man : P

  18. Well no shit becuase that is VAPOR which is completly different from smoke, it doesn't affect your lungs at all so you can hold it in for a few more seconds without adverse effects.

    But yes with a bong I never hold it in for more then 2-3 seconds, and I take pretty big hits so it's usually more towards 1-2 seconds, any longer than that and you are just depriving yourself of oxygen which makes you feel light headed, in no way does it make you ' more high'. You may as well drop the bud and get high by choking yourself if you like holding in hits for 10 seconds just to impress mr. virgin lungs over there.
  19. I've always heard 5 seconds :confused_2:
  20. At least hold it in for 5 seconds, I try to make mine around 10. But I've heard that train of thought that you only need a little bit to get the 95%.

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