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No name dank picked up a half

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bleezy1221, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. what u guys think, he said it was sour and kush but idk

  2. looks like some bad ass purp
  3. Looks good man. I'd smoke that in an instant.
  4. Half eighth or half oz?
  5. jeeze half of an eighth? Thats like a blunts worth.....a small blunt.
  6. half eigths are pretty popular around here. still get a deal and its only 30 bucks :p

    and idk about you but the blunts we blaze are generally a gram to 1.5

    wasting 30+ dollars in a single sitting is pretty economically retarded
    ^although i guess since im now paying 8 bucks a gram 1.5 aint too pricey :p

    forgot to mention, nice lookin buds!
  7. i think the OP was referring to a half oz...he was just showing us a nug of what he got not the whole you guys must of been pretty ripped to not understand lol:smoking::smoking:

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