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no more

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deadhead, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. I'm gonna quit smoking for a while.
  2. Many reasons.
    I'm not going to stop totally
  3. could you maybe explain why your quitting or something?
  4. When I posted that I wasnt thinking anyway. Well school is over and I failed everything. So next schoool year I'm going to cut back.
  5. shit man, that blows...

    u gotta redo the whole year then or what man?

    but honestly RESPECT if u able to do what u want to do... but i have firends who have said that... and a hit... hope not to be patronising in any way...

    u gotta have your objectives set out clearly...

    ie. i still a uni student....and i will only blaze up after 10 pm...and if i have done atleast 2 hrs of work that day... if there is an assignment comming up...i will not smoke 3-4 days before its due date until its finished....and weekends can start blazing after 3pm.

    this way weed actully makes u work harder...atleast for me... cuz there is a short term goal to work...u get to get stoned...

    thats wot i think the problem is with education...all the goalds and aims are too long term for us to realise and to want... using weed as a short term goal is a great way to work i think

    good luch man

    and enjoy your summer

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