No More Grasscity At Work :(

Discussion in 'General' started by hitmang11, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. well during my down time at my job i spend alot of time on the computer and most of that time is spent reading stuff here at the city and over at the dxm forums. then i also have a few cars forums im on. well jst a few days ago they put filtering software into place on the network. there using websence. ive tried diffrent ways of bypassing it, but nothing works. some drug sites work others dont. they are blocking words like marijiuana and abused drugs and stuff like that. So do u moderators have any control over this, can u change the source of certificates or whatever. i know there are ways around it cause some drug sites dont list anything and those are the ones i can get into. i wish someone could do something about it cause i was so used to browsing threw the city on down time and now there blocking everything, i might as well not have the internet at all there. COuld u mods talk to who ever runs this site??
  2. that sucks,
    but ur sig is cool
  3. Nothing can be done from here. I don't think SJ can do any thing either..

    Just another one of those freedom rights loss..
  5. that is the same program we have at school... me and my buddies bypassed it the first day they put it in... pm me and I can prolly help you out
  6. did you try a annon http proxy? it MIGHT work.

  7. sad!

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