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No Lighter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Prince_RIP, May 10, 2010.

  1. So my dad just left me home alone for a few hours and I bought a few blunts on the way home to roll and I just rolled a blunt for while he's gone only to realize I don't have a lighter. What the fuck. He took the car so there's no way for me to leave. Is there any fuckin way to light up a blunt using home materials lol I mean i'm looking for a butane lighter or some matches either way it fuckin sucks.
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    get the toaster, press it so the sides heat up. place blunt on the heating thing and toke.

    voila, lighter :)

    Edit: lemme know if ya managed it
  3. Why would you use a toaster that's just dumb.. Use the flame from your stove
  4. Uh, yeah, and in the age of inductive stove flat-tops and other advancements in the kitchen, where exactly do you find a "flame" these days?

    Toaster, or if you're really good, a magnifying glass outside in the sun.
  5. i have not had a lighter for fucking months, i dunno why im just too lazy to go get one, been going through packs and packs of matches to light my bowls. Tedious, but sometimes its kinda fun when im baked, like im in the vintage days lighting up my ole wooden pipe in the tavern. yea :smoking:
  6. Not having a lighter is a very traumatic experience, just frustration. Worse was when I smoked tobacco, and its 2 am, and I can't sleep cuz I need nicotine, and I have no method of fire! Glad I gave that up. :D
  7. stove is good too, the burner on it:) works likeee a charm. ps. invest in lighters, if you smoke make sure you ALWAYS no matter where when and how that you ALWAYS have a lighter.

    ... you never know what may happen haha.

    i keep four in my purse atleast, one in each pocket on my jacket if its warmer which is has been lately(not the past week, but before that) then i ALWAYS have one lighter in my jean pocket and one hidden in my bra(i dont like when girl show their lighters in their bra i think its kinda trampy):smoking:. lol
  8. In the oven.
  9. ** toaster does work too, i've seen alot of people use the toaster.
  10. Using a burner on the stove works fine but I've also used the toaster. :p

  11. That just seems like it would be a bad idea and would taste funky lol. You old school ppl sure had it pretty ghetto lol
  12. Since you live at home with your parents, odds are there are matches somewhere. I suggest using those. Your parents may have a blowtorch out in the garage somewhere. You can use this to light something else and then use that to light your blunt.

    It may also be worth learning to make fire from primitive methods if this will be a common occurrence. Look for the hand drill, bow drill, fire plow, or the fire piston.

    Alternatively, stock up on lighters :ey:

  13. Hmm my bad I guess I have the old fashon flame stove :)
  14. I also have a flame stove, which in my opinion is more badass as it breaths fire
  15. It's nice, just tedious.
  16. i will never again light a blunt on a flat surface stove while trying to be discrete about it. shit starts to smoke before it actually lights and you gotta worry about moving a lit blunt through your house to your safe spot.
    wish i had a flame stove that day. lol
    i just stock up on lighters and matches nowadays
  17. I thought that was a given, whoops.
  18. lol. my teenage self didnt like to waste time with logic
  19. I used on of the coil range top burners to light a papertowel to light a candle. Not sure if that's the healthiest way to go about it. But it works.
  20. Gas stove = perfect way to light up electric ones can work but can take longer. If all else fails get a magnifying glass light some shit on fire and light it that way. Think like McGuyver lol

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