No Lighter...NEED HELP!!

Discussion in 'General' started by buffEt, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Alright so here's the deal. I'm in possession of some dank organic bubba kush from the club, but my only lighter just ran outta fluid. I don't drive, the nearest gas station is not a possibility, so what am I to do? I have to smoke outside cause parents are home. I have matches. I have a lil piece. No papers or wraps. Do have a lotta random household items. So yea...toss some ideas at me! I've made waterfall bongs and stuff before so I do have some experience with MacGyvering shit up. I just wanna :smoke:!!
  2. Light it with a match and cherry that shit... don't let it go out.
  3. roll up a joint using bible paper, light it with a match......

    if you have a buncha matches then jus smoke bowls with it

    now if you didnt have matches either youd be in a "stickety wicket" as my goofy ass chem teacher would say
  4. If you really want to get high you'll make a homemade bubbler out of a waterbottle loike I do. It's fun, it's easy, it gets you high!
  5. I could do that but the problem is lack of flame rather than lack of piece. I guess I'll try matches, but I dunno if it'll even light the bowl enough to cherry it.
  6. trust me ive had my fair share of lighter-less nights, back before i could drive.....

    matches work, just hold it for a few seconds after its lit so none of the chemical shit from the tip goes down ur lungs

  7. Well I'd say try the matches. If the matches don't work ask someone you live with for a lighter. If you can't do that save one match so you can light a piece of paper on fire then light your bowl with that.
  8. This is a tip straight outa rehab. Lol. Get steel wool and a 9 volt battery(make sure it newish) and hold the wool to the prongs of the bat till the wool gets red hot and use it.
  9. If you smoke cigarettes you can light one with the match and use it to light your bowl. Kinda harsh, but it works in a pinch.
  10. Get a hakko, only 40 bux plus tax. Check em out at Fry's. since i got it a while ago i havent had that problem. Oh and since your toking outside take a long extension cord lol. Otherwise learn from this and get your LIGHTER GAME UP haha. aiite buffet stay up and i hope you got your smoke on:smoking:

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  11. Shit, this happened to me the other day, too. I sat out in my car, lit a cigarette with the lighter on the dashboard, and held the cherry down in the bowl as I took my hits. Ghetto, but it worked pretty well.
  12. If you have matches, just grind up some bud and make a waterfall. Im using one right now and i only have to light the bowl once, water does the rest. plus you get a fat ass rip.
  13. i dont see the problem with the matches
  14. So I went out and used matches and it took like a million tries cause they'd go out too fast, but I got a bowl outta it. And I'm pretty bloooown right now :smoke: :laughing:
  15. Hahaha that fucking made me laugh when I read it just now :laughing: +REP for good lookin on a brotha's game.
  16. magnifying glass, saw some kids pull it off at a music festival :p
  17. brilliant.

  18. Yup yup. Its called solar toking. Just use a lens or mag. glass to blaze your bowlpiece. Very nice clean smoke, plus you can perfect your cornering technique. All you need is a lens and the sun.:D
  19. I hate lighterless days, my friends come over and we'll all blaze and they'll jack my lighters [either intentionally or unintentionally] but it pisses me off SO much.
  20. I love using this idea to start fires... (MMMMM FIRE... FIRE FIRE FIRE!@*#@!*!@*^)... ahem...

    However, I'm not entirely certain as to the safety of using steel wool to light bowls... I have no idea, but I'm sure they MUST use some sort of chemical in the making of steel wool, and I for one would rather not smoke then potentially inhale whatever may or may not be on the wool...

    That being said, you could always use it to light a small wooden stick (or a candle) and use that to smoke the bowl.

    Next time you have a few bux and are at a store, BUY MORE THAN ONE LIGHTER! :)

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