no lighter. help!

Discussion in 'General' started by Kush Xx216, May 13, 2010.

  1. Ok so i have no lighter and i cant use the stove because i have oxygen tanks in my house for my grandpa. How the hell am i gonna light this joint i have. Is there anything that gives off a flame that can be used outside? haha. immm soo fucked
  2. lol i have none of those either!
  3. go to the store?
  4. Find a grainy, rough rock, a piece of medal and some tissue paper. Scrap the medal against the rock and aim the sparks at the tissue. Light join with flaming tissue.

    More seriously; hit the corner store.
  5. store is too far away. and i dont have a car.
  6. Flint + Steel + Facial Tissue = Fire.
  7. Snap your fingers. It worked for that Johnny Blaze guy in Fantastic Four
  8. Stand in a tree holding your joint out. Wait for lightning to strike.
  9. do you have an extension cord? take a paper clip and bend it so you can stick an end in each slit in the extension cord, then plug the extension cord into the wall. the electricity will turn the paper clip red hot.

    just make sure not to touch the paper clip after ya plug in the cord. dont wanna get electrocuted
  10. lol...imma just try and use the oven without blowing up my house
  11. Since you have your grandpa in the house, im gonna go ahead and assume he can not read that well. So snag his magnifying glass and aim the beam at the joint.

    It probably will not work but its worth a try
  12. go around asking the nighbors, then light up infront of them

    that wot i would do
  13. This guy clearly is no electrician. That will only blow your breaker or maby burn your house down.
  14. its obviously not meant to be just save it for ltr homie :)
  15. If you got steel wool in the garage and a 9v battery you can start a fire outside. Just connect the batt. posts with the steel wool.
  16. magnifying glass ?
  17. This might sound dumb, but One day I was about to smoke this strawberry blunt and couldn't find any matches or a lighter. I was quite mad. I found a chop stick, turned the grill on outside and lit the blunt with the chopstick. It actually worked pretty well. Try this!
  18. Steel woll and a 9v battery
  19. So? Did you try anything yet? Please tell us =) Paper clip in the extension cord sounds good tbh. It's like a car cigarette lighter basically. Otherwise, the oven like you suggested. Anything with heat coil haha.

    My friend had this tiny hand generator. You just cranked the wheel, and it powered the wires hooked up to it. It was fun to play with as a cub scout XD

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