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no lighter, alternatives?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jawnski, May 14, 2010.

  1. no lighter, want to smoke in my room tonight. I searched all over the interwebs and so far i got...

    • light a tooth pic and use that
    • use a candle
    • matches
    • hot knives
    Hot knives are out, cause im gonna smoke in my room. I only have one box of matches (like 15 or so). Tooth pic would be good if it works. candle would be smelly (help cover up smell) but i dont want wax in my bowl/ on my bud. Any other ideas or rec emendations? also im using a one-hitter. i think candle or tooth pics are my best bet.
  2. Matches, until you run out of them at least.
  3. Use matches. When you run out, wet a paper towel, squeeze it until it isn't soaking wet (no homo), and use it as a torch. Works perfectly
  4. theirs only like 15 and and my rooms right next to the rents, im worried about the striking/ignition sound
  5. evo man what do u mean use as a torch, this sounds like it could work
  6. Light a candle then light the matches/toothpicks with that. What i've been doing for like a week. Haha
  7. I'd be worried about the smell of gangja more than the sound of the matches sparking.
  8. well dam if u right next to ur rents room that not such a good idea in the first place but if u do id use the paper towel torch thing or the tooth pick with a candle i wouldnt use matches cuz they leave a strong smell but if u did i guess u wouldnt smell as much weed and u could say u were just burning stuff but thats all i got i used birthday candles and those worked nicely but u have to put it out then light it when the wax dries.. have fun tokin :smoke:
  9. walk outside at midnight when they are asleep and smoke?
  10. haha your sig happens to me all the time
  11. Obviously use matches, I actually like those better than a lighter. If you run out of those, take the toothpick and heat up your stove, once it gets hot push the toothpick onto the metal part and it will light the toothpick.
  12. well you're at least eighteen so buy a lighter... and if for whatever reason you cant fifteen matches will probably be enough for one night.
  13. Light a candle, and use it to light some toothpicks.

    Trust me, I've been there before.
  14. i used to keep a lit candle where I smoked and then lit toothpicks with that. Did something similiar with matches to conserve em and not have the reek of burned match heads in your room . Both taste nasty though, I like lighters the best still.
  15. Yea if you can smoke in your house just collect some twigs and light them with your stove. It works just kinda awkward
  16. Do you have to smoke it? There are other ways ......... Do i smell brownies, or is that just me? :hippie:
  17. Light a candle, or a toothpick or a wooden skewer, or a candle and a wooden skewer.

  18. if theyre that close, then i woukd be more worried about the smell, dig?

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