No Light!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by toker de PEACE, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. at my freinds house, got a nice phat dub, but my lighter eat the shitter and we cant find car lighter..suggestions????
  2. do you have a gas stove?

    gas fireplace?

    2 sticks?
  3. Stove top


    magnifying glass, and sun or a REALLY bright light


    sticking a piece of wire in an electrical socket (J/K--don't try that)

    flint and steel

    torches/welding equipment

    hmm thats about all I can come up with.
  4. Oh, forgot self-igniting flares
  5. Shit it sux not having a lighter usually if I dont ave a flame I will find somthing to light a smoke like the toaster and use the smoke to ave a cone
  6. i hate when that happens that happend to me the other day. i coudlnt find a match or nething i looked through every droor and cuboard in the kitchen except for one n when i opend it there was a pack of 50 lighters! thank god.

  7. hahahhahahahahah

  8. lol someone been in jail?

    a friend of ours did a little time for a little crime an told this incredible story about how they "made fire" in jail
    wire, electical sockets an toilet paper
    (sumthin bout putting the tp between the other ends of the wire an when ya got an acrh),...whola he had fire

    children do not try this at home....:D
    it was the craziest thing id ever heard
    an i thought you were allowed to smoke cigaretts in with a lighter
  9. Nope, I can honestly say I've never been in jail.
  10. what ended up happening was i just worked over and over again shaking and lighting th ehsitty one i had, and it finely worked once so i sucked like a inmate at an all guys prison..actuely, when you cant let ya j go out, its cool cuz you hit so hard...i smoke out my freinds window too so that reduced the wind since it was fuckin storimg crazy that night..then i had this awsome conversation with my deep abotu liek religion and aids and homosexual mariages and abortion and it was depp and cool. agood time, a good time.
  11. Ah the other day my lighters wernt functioning, so i managed to light a square candle , lie it on its side on bench, and use the flame to smoke my bong. Tasted waxy at first until you could take it away from the flame. Nasty.
  12. lighters are wierd,

    one day you have too many,

    then you don't have any

    i usually just keep my torch on me all the time and loan out a bic

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