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Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. stoned last nite and made this....really random;
    I control power beyond science
    My power's for evil, go fuck the alliance.
    Nuclear shockwave, speed of a centipede,
    The foolishly brave, they'll fall indeed.

    Controling time with a thought
    Back to the dawn of the big bang, I destroy the dot
    I have the power of fire, the power of ice,
    I bring my sword up to your neck and I SLICE.

    You could never bring me down,
    I would devour your soul and raze your town,
    My greed surpassed only by my need for weed,
    Planting my seed in the minds of the youth
    Infecting their minds I keep them from the truth.
    I am your God, worship none but me,
    I will destroy this planet, when i harness my chi.

  2. lmao, thats funny as hell dude..i dont know if it was meant to be but it cracked me up.
  3. Hehehehe damn someones a little high :)
  4. thats actully pretty good man

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