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  1. I want to try my hand out in growing , only problem is I have no clue what to do , I have a shed in my back yard and plan on using that as a grow room , I'd like to start with 6 plants , so any an all infor you can give me GREATLY appreciated , I live in a non medical state and need to keep the odor as minimal as possible so any ventilation , temp , humidity , soil , info is best .
    Short- I want to grow but have no idea of anything to do to start , have a shed to use
  2. read a few books no one is going to personally spend hours and hours teaching you
  3. If only lol , got any book suggestions ?
  4. Google everything u want to know that's how I learned. Google how to grow marijuana
  5. I'd use a 1kw light and a large air cooled hood. Duct your hood using fresh outdoor air to cool it, make sure the hood is sealed off from the inside of the shed so that odors don't escape. Use a separate fan and filter to exchange the growroom air.

    2 ventilation fans, one pulling odor-free air through the light, and the other one pulling filtered air from the growroom. That should take care of your temps and odor.

    As for soil, check out the organics section. A well-built soil will go a long way.
  6. Thanks for the advice , I won't start untill February or so , who knows may start a grow journal and see what the community thinks about it and listen to the suggestions
  7. I would recommend a strain without a skunky odor- maybe something with a pine or lemon scent? Their odors would blend in with "normal" neighborhood scents more easily.

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