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  1. Imma break it down for some cats here who dont no the rule to shotguns.

    When giving a shotgun man-girl the blunt can be any size and your good.
    Man-Man if its more than half of the blunt its straight if its smaller than a half blunt hands must be used to make a tunnel for the air. if not then its homo.

    Why im ranting? some dude tried giving me a shotgun mouth to mouth no hands with a blunt the size half my pinky, thats homo lol

  2. I hate shotgunning with guys.
  3. I see nothing homosexual involved here. This is my take on it:

    Homosexuality was a social stigma for so long that it has become a norm for people to be afraid of being labeled homosexual. In the end it just breeds hatred and prejudice.

    I alsolutely hate when people say 'no homo'. Such homophobia implies that you are yourself, homosexual, and are trying to evade the label.

    Although I do find the meme 'its only gay if the balls touch' slightly amusing due to the silly nature of the proclamation.
  4. lol i agree alpha haha but seriousley if a guy wants to give u a shotgun hands should be used
  5. why the fuck would some dude shotgun another man with such a small blunt? regardless of all revelations one may have had being gay is being gay, straight and simple. whether you hate, love, or don't mind gay people. gay is gay. point blank lulz
  6. Good post +reps.

    I get called gay a lot because of the way I dress, my manner of speaking, I like wine, opera, classical music, the ballet, and I don't like sports.

    It really use to bother me a lot, especially in middle school and high school.

    Not anymore though. Other people can't figure out how I don't care. It's easy though. I know that I have no attraction to other men....and that is the only thing that makes someone gay....nothing else.

    I'm not going to change my personality or lifestyle just so I fit the typical straight male stereotype.
  7. WTF is shotgugninng? eeuh
  8. I dunno, man. As long as the dude doesn't go in for a kiss i don't see how it's gay.
  9. cause ur lips are almost touching if not and thats kind of u use the hand method which u interlock hands to blow the smoke thru a tunnel
  10. Urban Dictionary: shotgunning

    disregard any definition that has nothing to do about smoking.
  11. I see shotgunning as kinda sexual. Only do it with the ladies.
  12. ive only done a shotgun fucked up...but id rather just hit the blunt haha...but ya its definetly gay if its a dude lol
  13. hahaha dude i agree... thats pretty homo

    i woulda been like WTF dude :smoking:
  14. I agree. I'm incredibly confident in my sexuality (even though I am also well aware that I act very gay~ Plus there's things I've done in the past...) but I don't think I would shotgun with another dude. After shotgunning so much (and actually solely) with my current girlfriend, I don't think I could end it without a little kiss. ^.^;...
  15. This.

    It's really a personal thing to shotgun someone else,

    and there is only one dude I would ever shotgun and feel ok.

    And that's Jesus.
  16. why would you want to shotgun with a dude? for me shotgunnin is a good way to get " things " started....
  17. "things" sound good right now. :ey:
  18. well, op

    if that's what ya wana do then that's what ya wana do

    as long as no one is getting hurt
  19. Man, fuck shotgunning.

    I can hit the motherfucker myself. I don't need someone else doing it for me.

  20. gay = being sexually attracted to only men

    straight = being sexually attracted to only women

    bi = being sexually attracted to both sexes.

    Gay acts do not automatically make a person gay, they must have the sexual attraction in order to truly be homosexual.

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