No foreign visitors in the dutch coffeeshops!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by ProfessorX, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Well, I was sitting at the coffeeshop yesterday evening and I was talking to the hot chick at the bar.
    She told me that the dutch government is now busy with some law or something that only DUTCH people, who live in holland, are able to enter the coffeeshop and purchase weed.

    I personally don't think coffeeshops are gonna say ''sorry, you're not dutch, you can't get in!'' because coffeeshops in Amsterdam, and at the belgium and german border get a whoooole lot of visitors from other country's, and that's bringing in money.

    It would suck if only dutch people are able to enter the coffeeshops in a few years..
  2. Queen Beatrix of Netherlands, and her bilderberg Cronies. Just watch your taxes Will RAISE Dramatically after this bill.
  3. That would have a very bad effect on tourism, wouldn't it?
  4. That's right.. Except for the very few visitors who actually visit amsterdam for the Anne Frank House there's no reason to visit Holland.

    The weather's a bitch here.
    And we don't have anything to showoff with.. except coffeeshops.. :p

  5. I hope my comment didn't sound insulting... Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and there are lots of reasons to visit there!! :eek:

    The cannabis tourism industry in amsterdam is pretty large, and relatively under control, no? I'd hate to see it go away :(
  6. yea first off what about the cannabis cup every year thst has to bring in a shit ton of tourist economy, living in key west florida i know how tourism effects a local economy... i also know a couple people that take a week vacation to amsterdam every year specifically to visit the coffeeshops and hash bars
  7. Didn't sound insulting at all!
    And amsterdam is indeed a beautiful city with museums etc.

    But I think 50% from all the coffeeshops in Holland are located in Amsterdam, and 9/10 people thinks about marijuana when they hear ''Amsterdam''.

    But if that law becomes active, it will be active on EVERY coffeeshop..

    IF this will happen, it will take at least 2years before it begins, they just talking about it now.. dont know, I'm not that political, but if you want to visit amsterdam for the coffeeshops, I'd do it in the next 2 years because you don't know if foreign people in Holland will be allowed inside the coffeeshops.

    Or maybe they allow people to buy weed, but not to chill inside the coffeeshop.

    There are a few coffeeshops in Amsterdam where you need a (fucking expensive) membercard to get in..

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