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  1. Hi everyone, I'm a begginer grower. I've a Full Moon from Nirvana Seeds . Even though I planted it 11 weeks ago, there sis no sign of its sex yet! I've opened another thread about it 3 weeks ago and it turned out to be rootbound. So I transplanted the plant to a much bigger container. It started growing again but it still didnt show its sex. It's driving me mad.:confused_2: Is there anything I can do ?
    Thank you

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  2. anyone ?
  3. Well its definitely a sativa..... Sativas usually start to flower later in the season and take longer to mature fully. I read up on this strain and it says it takes 13-14 weeks to finish. So, its already end of September which means it wont be done till December or later. IF it were to start flowering today. Depending on where this plant lives that could mean problems of frost, mold, etc. It is pretty late in the season to not have started flowering yet. One possibility is light pollution. Is the plant getting complete darkness at night? moonlight is ok, but streetlights, porchlights, etc. can mess up the dark period the plant needs to initiate flowering.......good luck though
  4. A really stretched sativa....That pot looks half-full of soil.
  5. I'm planning to take it in for indoor growing.
  6. Yea dude, first definitely fill the pot up with soil.

    And if you going to take it indoors now.. do some searching on taking outdoor indoor, it apparently has lots of potential to have problems especially at the stage its in.

    Look very close at the newest growth on the top, thats at least where I find the sex on mine first.. I planted 6 10 and a half weeks ago and only 3 have showed sex, so yours is not doing that bad.

    Be patient as patience is like one of the number 1 things you need to grow pot, lots of us including myself learned this the hard way.

    It will eventually let you know whats up.. Good Luck!

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