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No flowering after 10 days of 12/12...

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Rolone, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I am new to this forum and new to indoor growing. I have 4 amazing looking plants that are now 6 weeks old. Looks like I'm doing everything right, but when I started 12/12 lighting I decided to put the dark period during the Day so the lights are not on when I'm at work.The room has a window that i cardboarded up and I sealed up the top and bottom of the door with towels.
    I did open the door and jump in the room real quick to see if it was totally dark and I can't see any light getting in, totally dark. Now, 10 days into flowering I still don't see any sex and I'm worried that when the sun is right on that window some light might be getting in.
    My question is, If I was to switch the darkness to night time should I go 24 hours of Darkness or go 24 hours of light to get the 12/12 on schedule for the Dark being at night?

    Thanks for any help,
  2. Dont change anything. Your plant was not sexually mature when you began the 12/12 period. Let the transition continue and be patient.
  3. well I would prob say just wait a little longer...But if your concerned about switching your light on times, 24hrs of darkness is alot better than giving it 24hrs of light then switching it. But if you can when lights are on, go in and put something else over the window to black out the light. Got any pics of the plants? Maybe we can see something you dont? Either way good luck
  4. Thanks guys,
    After 7 days of 12/12 I put a Black towel over the window also. So now it has cardboard and A black towel.By the way its a bathroom and a little bathroom window. I was wondering if me opening the door during the day might have slowed it down? or screwed it up completely. It was only like 2 seconds of light, but I had to see if it was totally dark.

    I have a Digital Camara and will take some pics when the light comes on. They are short bushy Indica Plants. I started flowering when they hit 12 inches, now they are 20 inches tall and out growing my space.I put bloom booster on them and they grew 2 inches in 24 hours but no blooms.

    I will follow up with pics in about 4 hours, Thanks for the help,
  5. is it a bag seed? Some strains take longer to show sex or bud sites to start to form...
  6. Yea, it is bag seed. I believe it was grown outdoors too.The reason I held on to them and used them for my first indoor grow is because it was some really skunky good stuff.

    I'm ordering seeds for my next grow, either White Rino or Aurora Indica.
  7. nothing wrong with bagseeds...just sometimes they seem to go longer than the average bought strains. So it may just be a genitics problem...but hell if it was good might as well try it instead of paying money to learn.
  8. Just wait, it sometimes takes up to 3 weeks to start flowering. It all depends on when the plant has reached proper maturity.

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    Thanks for all the help,
    Lights on and no flowers, looks great though. I'm gonna wait 21 days to see if I can get some flowers, if I don't I might switch my 12/12 to the Dark period at night.

    Here are some pics, I've got 4 plants in 1 big container, so they are cramped. I'm not going to transplant now, just let them go until the end and get what I can get. It's for personnal use only anyway.

    They look a little droopy because they need water, I wait for them to droop a little to insure no over watering.

    I got some big planters for my next grow (1 plant per pot)

    Lighting:150 watt HPS and 4 CFLs /26 watt 2700k
    Soil: Miracle Grow Potting Mix

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  10. Relax i have had plants flower in 7 days and others that didnt show for 25 days, it will happen just be patient.

  11. having 4 in one container is definitely a problem
  12. I think I see some male flowers forming here. Take a look at your plants and see if you can get a closer picture of where it's circed below...

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    I think the back 2 are males, The sacks are getting bigger. Both of them came up first and are growing way taller and faster than the front 2.

    Thats OK, Give them a few days to make sure then I'll chop'em down. More light and room for the front 2.Also I found out the room is dark enough during the day.

    It's ashame about the back left one being Male, it smelt like a skunk squirted on a Cedar Tree, great smell and color.

    1st pic is the back left, the other is back right.

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