NO flaming... But foes bud grow back

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stev0848, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. after you cut it off after it flowers... i just read that somewheres
  2. yes buds can grow back and like a top they can split into 2 buds after they have been topped. so you can re-veg(turn the lights back to 18/6 or 24/0) a plant and get more than 1 harvest from it.

    EDIT: i should say im not sure because ive nvr done it but ive heard ppl swear to the topping of buds creating 2 bud sites like topping the plant during veg growth.... if im wrong well im sry im still a newbie and trust ppl too much maybe.
  3. thats what i thought... but i wanted to be sure
  4. but im not exactly sure how to top buds, wheatehr or not you just cut them witha sterile scissors or exactly where to cut the buds, and im not so sure this is the best option to top, instead i think topping shoul dbe done in veg so the plant while in flowering and not being topped can have all its focus on the buds, but im not sure.
  5. Ehhh i dont know what you two are talking about.. sorry, but ive never heard that anywhere
  6. edited first post...
  7. hi every 1 it can be done. sometimes the bottom will have growth that has a couple of hairs and like no buds. if u cut it from there then water and stick back into veg it will reveg its self. the only problem with doing this is the bud won't be as good as the first. i just harvested my plant for the second time like a couple weeks ago.:D

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