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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BongoPeace, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. well ive been putting my plants in the shade latly becuse everytime i put them in direct sunlight they seem to dry out and yellow any one no what im doing wrongor can i just grow in the shade they seem to do pretty good in the shade
  2. WHat strain are you growing? Cause my White Widow needs te direct sunlight, if not she doesn't grow at all. One day in the sunlight now and her leaves grow by 1 inch orso (maximum).

  3. MJ is a tropical plant and needs as much sun as you can give it. You sure the roots aren´t getting too hot? Use baking foil.
  4. ya think the roots are getting to hot gona try that tim foil
  5. Thought I just said that. But then no-one ever reads any one else´s posts here.
  6. Lol poor spanishfly, I read your post, nice idea. I should of tried that before I threw away my bagseed seedling.
  7. Uhh, dude it looks like he read your post, after you said that, he replyed saying yeah I think thats what it is, gonna try tin foil....
  8. I grow in the shade, well where my plants dont get direct sunlight all day, i prefer my 10 oclock /2 oclock method , basically my plants get direct sun from 10 to 2, i do this strictly because its harder for the choppers to see it , they tend to look on the southern side of fields/large open areas in the woods/dhorter pine tree fields etc , so i get in the deep woods and look for places with fallen trees etc where light will come in from around 10 to 2 . your plants wont be as large most of the time but i can put twice as many to make up for i have seen it grow in the shade completely but it turns out to grow very slow and not near as strong...

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