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No cottonmouth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GoldN, May 7, 2011.

  1. I was toking up today and am currently high but i'm not just sure how high? I smoked some "dirty erckle" and im having a head high like a cloudiness and blurring of my peripheral vision and im basically feeling a pulse in my brain. I never get cottonmouth or red eyes when i get high and i just don't understand why? There's no doubt that i am high i just don't know if im getting high enough. Any suggestions?
  2. Smoke more weed
  3. your lucky.
    enough said
  4. Sounds like you're very well hydrated beforehand. Sounds like you're high enough just enjoy it.
  5. From what I've noticed the intensity of red eyes grows when you cough a lot more while smoking. The same could be said for cottonmouth perhaps... or you just haven't smoked enough.
  6. I hardly ever get red eyes, cotton mouth I do get though.

    Dunno, maybe you're some type of alien species from the backwoods of some distant planet.
  7. #7 GoldN, May 7, 2011
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    i smoked a very well packed medium size bowl you can find it on grass city it's basically a spring coil with a metal bowl and the weed is supposedly good according to my dealer i pay $80 for an 1/8th and it gets my high. I was the highest when i mixed it with the leftovers of my ak47 and sour d and some other weed that turned out to be incense and i still didn't have red eyes or cottonmouth. I can't say about the 2 bowls of ak i had because i ended up getting ash in my eye. I didn't have anything to drink before toking today because i just woke up but i'm drinking a rockstar recovery now so i just don't know if im the way up high or just kinda in a model rocket or some shit like that?

    I'm smoking out of this:
  8. Sounds like you got some good sativa. As to how high you are, only you know that my friend.

    Sativa strains I get red eyes and I look fucked up.
    Indica strains make my eyes more glassy.

    Both strains will give me cotton mouth. But even sober, I'm a water hog. I drink gallons a day so smoking doesn't require me to go out of my way to drink more water.
  9. i can't really compare considering both the times i smoked some ak47 my high got ruined because of getting ash stuck under my eyelid and talking to an angry girlfriend. Since i've smoked with a friend twice before i mostly do it by myself. What happens to you when you get high?
  10. Sounds like you're either super fucking high or didn't smoke enough...

    I don't get kottonmouth anymore, but never have to question if I'm high or not. Eyes red? Not that I've noticed but... you can rarely see my eyes because I always wear these HUGE ass willy wonka goggles when I smoke in a group. (or by myself, wearing them when high is FUN!)

    I been smoking for a while, I think you just develop a tolerance to the side effects.
  11. U are properly hydrated,wen u do have cotton mouth is when u are dehydrated.
  12. Sometimes when I'm really high I don't realize I have cotton mouth until after I peak.
  13. I stopped getting cottonmouth for the most part after my first couple months of smoking. It may happen once or twice a year now. I get the laser eyes all the time though.
  14. Depends on the weed, depends on the person. Usually my eyes get very hazy, yellow tinted and glassy. Sometimes I get cotton mouth, and red eyes. Usually don't though.
  15. hold them hits in :smoking:
  16. I very rarely get cottonmouth. I've noticed my eyes get more red the more I smoke/vape. Edibles seem to make them the reddest though. Also I'm pretty sure indicas make my eyes more red than sativas.

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