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  1. I was dating this dude for 3 weeks. No sex. Fun outings, decent conversation. He took issue with my smoking. I at most smoke 2, maybe 3 bowls after work. The last time we hung out, he paused the damn game to say, "you got choose right now. I've been thinking that I don't want a stoner for a girl".

    I made the distinction between a stoner and a smoker, and told him to kick rocks.

    would you give up herb for a s/o?
  2. Yes no one should change someone for no good reason I could understand someone telling you to stop smoking cigarettes cause that's just thinking about one's health but telling someone to stop smoking some ganja for person reasons is kind of selfish it's just something used to wind down or use for recreation
  3. Hypothetical girl: Daft I think you are going to have to give up cannabis if you want to be with me...

    *Sound of a door opening and closing*

    Real talk...thats exactly how it would go down!
  4. LOL id say if he gave you great enough sex to not choose weed over sex but fuck that bro hahahaha

    he sounds like a nerd

  5. 3 weeks, no sex, no weed? What did you see in him?

    I might give it up for someone I plan to marry.. but I'm nowhere near that scenario, so it's a dead no for a while.
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    I thought it was kinda funny. He had a lot of nerve giving me an ultimatum in my own damn house.

    I just want a grown man that likes to blow back, isn't overly critical, takes care of himself, can hold a conversation....hard to find in Iowa I guess.
  7. Oh. That explains it.
  8. get rid of him
  9. I've had a girl say this to me, and the response was "baby, mary jane was there before you, and she'll be there long after you're gone, so you do what you gotta do"
  10. Yeah I moved and then came back for some dumb reason. I need to move somewhere where they like black girls.
  11. Love it!
  12. Thanks, most people just call me insensitive. Which I'm not, I swear! I just can be at times, and don't realize it :rolleyes:
  13. I wouldn't call it insensitive. You were being real.
  14. Sometimes though you have to show people they have just said some really retarded shit by getting up and leaving.

  15. Fuckin' real talk.

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