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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Pistils, Dec 4, 2022.

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  1. I've reported hundreds (maybe even over 1,000) threads... Every time I log in there are multiple advertising/scamming threads.

    Not only do no technical issues get fixed, but we're plagued by these threads...

    Previously I was told that the reason for this was RMJL's inability to put any trust in people. Well, it's time to step up in my opinion.
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  2. I'm going to bed, but as always, I'll wake up to a very underwhelming response followed by the locking of the thread, rather than any actions towards fixing these issues.

    There are at least a dozen great potential admins on these forums, I'd take advantage of that. (Personally, despite us not always seeing eye to eye, granny would be one of my recommendations).

    Have a good night.
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  3. It does suck but you can't really expect a whole lot when it's completely free to be here. If they add more admins are those people doing it for free or are they going to be getting paid for it? If they pay for more/better admins, should they start charging for memberships to be here in order to pay for the extra help?

    I know if I was in charge of keeping up on a forum I'd definitely want to be paid for my time. Just like any other job.

    And I do agree, this forum has been taking a turn for the worst over the last couple of years, but what can you really do.

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  4. It's usually not this bad.
    It's just unfortunate that, as members, our only options are to either report the post or contact an admin or mod directly about the problem.
  5. Really the only options they have on that part. Just need more that would be here on a regular basis. Can't give members the power to ban the spammers themselves cause dumb asses around here would start using it on each other lmao.

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  6. how about the option to vote to delete thread, with a 5 vote yes minimum?
  7. There's a queue that stops the majority of spam threads/posts from ever hitting the forums and they have to be cleared out by the team. Our members don't see over 90% of the spam that's generated because of that queue that stops them from being posted in the forums. The report button can be used to report any spam that isn't caught by the queue which is minimal.

    The forums generate no money at this time and haven't for a very long time. Due to this, at this point, we're lucky that the forums are still here for the community and that we have a team of volunteers willing to contribute their time for the forums. Technical issues are reported and I'm sure Lizard King is keeping a list of them; however, the Grasscity Shop and it's maintenance will always take precedence over the forums.

    Edit: If things change in the future, then issues will be fixed in a more timely manner and we can have a larger team of Moderators for the forums. At this time, the forums are being taken care of in the best way possible.
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