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  1. Hey Blades,

    I am a new patient in the NJ MMJ program and figured this could be a good resource for people to discuss the different dispensaries quality/pricing or anything else you would like to discuss, and I will update as I visit new dispensaries and give my review on any strains I have tried. So far there are only 5 in the state with another one opening soon, but hopefully the road will be open soon to more dispensaries and more competition.

    So far I have been to Compassionate Sciences in Bellmawr (Now Curaleaf)
    I purchased the following:
    -10:1 CO2 oil (On sale for $50, for 0.7 g in split up in two syringes - 350 mg THC total)
    -Blueberry Silvertip (Indica Dominant, $100 for a quarter. Nugs were small, and it seems most of their cannabis smells similar when you open the packaging but after putting it in a jar and grinding it, had a very nice sweet smell to it. Great for when I wake up in the middle of the night, smoke a bong pack and right back to sleep)
    - Purple Urkle (On sale for $90 a quarter, lower THC percentage than the silvertip at around 15% but another good Indica, been using it to roll joints)
    -Chemdawg ($55 for an eighth, hybrid again with pretty small buds but smokes nice for a daytime flower)

    Prices are ok at Curaleaf, but would definitely like to see them come down and the ability to purchase more than a 1/4 at a time. Next stop will be to either Breakwater or Garden State Dispensary. I will let you know what I pick up and how it compares to Curaleaf
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  2. For those in the NJ program that like using vape cartridges as their method of consumption, since those are not available to us yet I found a way for us to make them ourselves. Curaleaf dispensary (formerly Compassionate Sciences) is the only dispensary that has oil that can be vaped, so pick up some of their 10:1 or 5:5 oil (I prefer the higher THC content so go with the 10:1) and then you can buy empty cartridges either online or at a vape shop. I got mine at Pure Puff in Berlin for about 4 bucks. It is a little difficult to load it as the oil is liquidy and there isn't a thin metal tip to get down into the side of the cartridge (although I had a metal tip from an old cartridge refill which worked well. I recommend asking at the vape shop if they have anything like that that will fit in the side of the cartridge when refilling)

    These cartridges can be used with basically any 510 threaded battery, you just don't want to burn them at too high of a temperature. They work well and are a nice discreet way to medicate on the go. Just a tip for anyone that was looking into that.
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  3. Went to Curaleaf again over the weekend, this time I picked up some a 1/4 of Blue Tahoe and a 1/4 of Wappa. I gotta say, Curaleaf needs to start paying attention to the first half of their name. I am pretty positive neither quarter was cured in the least. Both smelled like lawn clippings when I got the bags open. I currently have them in their own jars and will be burping them a couple times a day trying to cure them myself, but they very clearly are trying to push product out without a proper cure on it which really sucks. Hoping this changes going forward when they can expand their grow and not have to force out sub par cannabis
  4. Hey Blades, stopped at Compassionate Care Foundation in Egg Harbor yesterday for my first time. The person I met with during my new patient appointment was very nice and went through the strains they have there. Not as big of a selection as curaleaf, but no question that Compassionate Care Foundation cures their cannabis far better. I picked up a quarter of their Sour Banana Sherbert in buds, and a quarter of it in shake (about $50 less per quarter). The only other strains they had were blueberry (which I have some right now from curaleaf) and a high CBD strain.

    The smell of the sour banana sherbert really punches you in the face with diesel and sour skunky smells, really really nice. It is about 27% THC and gives me a nice level headed high, solid hybrid that doesn't get you too energetic but doesn't lock you in the couch either. The look of the buds is beautiful as well, and covered in trichomes. It was a about $18 more expensive per quarter than Curaleaf but they did give me a 10% travel discount since i came from over an hour away. I will definitely be back there at some point.
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