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  1. Hey guys, Spaz here. Well, I was looking around for highs that I won't get drug tested on/ are semi-legal. So I looked nitrous.

    After reading several erowid reports, and ready up on it for the last week...

    I'm planning on Buying a whip cream dipenser, and the charges online.

    For 24 charges, the maker, and shipping, It's running me $43. I'm looking foward to it. See how it goes. I'll let everyone know.
  2. wamp wamp wamp wamp
  3. Haha, I'm looking foward to trying nitrous. If its not decent, I'll just get rid of it. Hoping for the best though!
  4. Just get some computer cleaner

    grip down on the nozzle so you hear the sound of the nitrous escaping but not enough to let the cleaner out, stick it in you mouth and inhale that bitch

    Alot cheaper.
  5. oh god no.

    you are resorting to inhalants? all it does is make you a bit dizzy, and cause severe liver and brain can also die from it. might as well hit yourself with a brick until you are good.

  6. Youve obviously never hit a can of Wizard or sucked on a balloon.
  7. Dont do Airduster. It kills. Ive seen it. You want your lungs to freeze and suffocate, making your friends watch you die and not be able to do anything. FUCK THAT MAN!

    Nitrous, not worth what your paying for man.
  8. you are defending it, or are you a jokester? i actually did it once and i feel like a dumb motherfucker ever since i learned about what it does. it even gives warnings on erowid about them being volatile chemicals.
  9. Dumb.

    Dumb dumb dumb dumb.

    Also destroys your brain and the shit can KILL man.

    Yeah, I've done it. Lots of it. Bad idea.
  10. Wow, do you have any idea how stupid inhaling that shit is. Its fucking horrible for you and it kills. I cant believe you compared an inhalant like that to nitrous.
    Nitrous is the same stuff dentists give you, using it in small amounts is nowhere near as harmful as air duster can be.
  11. Inhalents are bad for you, period. Don't do that shit man....

    (edit)While I meant don't do computer cleaner cans, I still don't agree with nitrus, but it's not that bad if you are careful with it....

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