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Discussion in 'General' started by grass roots, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. Im dry, nothing else to get a buzz... Thanksgiving provided lots of pumpkin pie, with lots of whipped cream containers. I never really tried to get high off n20 before until last night. I held the can straight up and inhaled all of the n20 until nothing came out anymore. I stood up and fell over and saw stars for like 30 seconds, then it was over. I did the same to anothe can and stumbled around for another 30 seconds seeing spots everywhere. It was kinda fun, but i wasted two whole cans of whipped cream for a minute of pleasure. I know its probably killing brain cells, but i really dont care too much anymore. What's the easiest, and cheapest way to obtain N20?
  2. I think it's just the whipped cream way, i've never tried this but heard good stuff about it, but only a 30 second high, sound a bit of a waste of time to me, you need drugs that last longer than that, still a bit of a laugh.

    Take a look at
  3. Yeah, i was checking that out... i gotta get some of those, i couldnt imagine where to get the devices that openes them into a balloon though....

  4. I've seen headshops with N20 paraphenalia.
  5. i'll jus quote from a video i saw in rehab "you know those little dots, that static that comes in from the sides of your eyes?...... thats your brain shutting down"

    whippets r almost as dumb as poppin 16 coricidin drinkin a bottle of robitussin and droppin 12 benadryl..
  6. Whippets are what your looking for.. There like the CO2 cartridges used in air pistols, or cheap paintball guns. They are filled with NO2. You need a cracker, and some balloons. Use the cracker to fill the balloons, then inhale the balloon.
    That said.. I don't think it's a very smart thing to do..
  7. All right! I love whippets. I usually go down to new york city for mine. They are not as bad for you as everyone says. Especially not half as bad as all those crappy pills you take Negligent. As long as you take in oxygen with the whippet you will be fine. Next time you have whippets and weed take a whippet and then immediately take a hit of weed. You can't feel the hit at all, even if its a 6 foot bong hit! Try to take the biggest hit you can if you don't believe me. Yea, so you will need the actual Whippets, then a metal cracker, and then some punching balloons. It's rather simple to do and it's much cheaper than whip cream cans. Also, people say whippetes make you dumb. Well I have taken hundreds and I'm away at an "ivy league calibur" school, so don't believe all the hype.

  8. so you can use co2 casings that go in bb guns and stuff? i have a bunch of those! i thought they were diferent though...
  9. um. not quite. he said they look like co2 cartriges, but they're filled with no2. so the co2 will only kill you. or something slightly not as drastic. but it can't be good for you.

  10. Ditto* :)
  11. where i work we homemake our whipped cream so we use nitrous chargers and w/ an empty can of whip,just stick the cartiridge on and suck in.
  12. ummm well.. i have done this before... its pretty sweet too, and no side effects.. i mean doctors give you this when they are going to pull your teeth.... well anyways... a 'cracker' from what i used was about $100... a friend had it, all it is is a container with a valve on top,and outside the valve is a little pin and a place to screw something onto it.. and there is a plastic container that you slide the cartriage into.. then screw the plastic thing into the cracker which pushes the seal of the No2 container into the pin and by the time the gasses come out it is already sealed into the cracker if that made any sence.. but i like it.... too bad they broke the cracker... or you could take a baloon... stick a saftey pin on the inside.. glue it, carefully flip it inside out(dont poke holes in the sides) then put the cartrage into the the balon and line up the pin with the nozzel and push,then the gas comes out then after its emptied breath it all in... then blow out and in again..keep doing it till your arm just basicley falls... and you cant hold it up... sooo fun
  13. while at glastonbury festival me and by brother tooted some nitrous from a baloon

    the nitrous came from a nos (the kind u get for cars) canister

    i suppose that if u buy a medium sise bottle of nos it would work out cheaper than whippets or whipped cream bottles

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  14. haha i jus did a whippet since i got a fresh can of whipped cream in my fridge, not to appealing

  15. No man, NOS for a car and N2O for whippets are DIFFERENT. The kind for cars can kill you or atleast have terrible side-effects. Nos is slightly different in chemical structure from N20, even though they are both reffered to as nitrous oxide. SO DON'T EVER USE CAR-GRADE NITROUS.
  16. Inhaling "nos" would be kinda interesting. Wouldnt it increase the oxygen content in your lungs each breath? I mean, thats what it does in cylinders, right? You can breath that stuff in and get super oxygen enriched blood and be super man for a few minutes, haha.... or.. it'd kil you, either or.. ;)
  17. nitrous for cars and whippets are the same chemical, but with the nitrous they put in cars they add some sort of chemical to it to make it impossible to inhale. Have you ever smelled auto-grade nitrous? It STINKS! I can't imagine trying to take a hit of it.

  18. exactley right, thats what they do, they add sertain things to the No2 so people would not inhale it... thats the main reason im pretty sure... but there is prolly other things that would benifit the car or something...

  19. smart....very surprised...and then you say...

    haha i jus did a whippet since i got a fresh can of whipped cream in my fridge....

  20. ^
    hah, i thought that same thing.. dumb, yet fun!

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