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  1. orite lads.. wat argood sources of nitrogen.. and when would you start using at wat stage.. cheers ?
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    Come on, this has been answered a trillion times before - use the Search facility.

    I typed in NITROGEN and got 150 threads posted in the past month alone.

    Why can´t people do that - is it too much effort ???
  3. probily because we all ant got time to sit in on this site all day .. pal

  4. So I am here, you are here - what´s the difference??

    Instead of trying to make smart answers back at me why dont you make the effort to research your topic.

    And if you want an easy source of nitrogen go PISS on your plants.
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    Miracle grow all purpose plant food. Will see you all the way through veg, I'm using it in my bubble buckets now it works great! Really cheap to only £3 from Focus.

    Edit: Never ever piss on you're plants it has too much nitrogen and will kill them. Also start off using about 1/4 of the reccomended does at around two - three weeks, it even comes with a measurer, then over a few weeks work you're way up to full does. But never go over.

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  6. Prefer organic nutes myself, but MG is a source of nitrogen, better than nothing. And you just have to make the effort to visit your garden centre to score some.

    And the pissing advice was meant to be irony. Actually urea has virtually replaced ammonium nitrate as a N fert on a commercial scale. Urine is no good because it contains too much salt.

  7. see i dint get smart its you who did i asked a simple question but instead you went out of your way to give a reply what meant nothing to me i asked 4 help not
    a smart arse meaningless piece of advice .. i havent got the time to sit bicering with people like you if you dont like my questiions simple thing to do really is dont look at them eh

  8. cheers pal your suposed to water the urine down alot arnt you.. not that i fancy pissing in to a bottle then sit there watering it down haha
    can you use sparkling water ?
    oh yeh just another quick ? .. i just bought a nice little plantpot i liked it and was only cheap the thing is it has no holes in the bottom.. should i just put some gravel in the bottom or make holes . ?

  9. I'm a newb too mate, just started my first grow. I've spent hours and hours over the last week trying to learn as much as I can. All posts like yours do is add to the hundreds and hundreds of posts that I have to look through to find more specific information. Makes it f*n hard! If you haven't got time to do the research how are you going to have time to care for the plants?
  10. Come'on man!

    There's always silly little arguments that even I find myself to fall part off on the Absolute Begginer... And really, it's all noob and/or miscommunication related.

    The world is filled with beautifull truths that which are found by the click of a button guys!!... No... I do not want to grow for you... No, I do not want to spend time writting about something thats been beaten to death... more importantly, If you want to do it right, learn yourself... Not just DIY ...

    And if you're stuck... Thats why we're here :wave::smoking:

    BUT... for anti-flaming purposes... Word the questions different (and ALWAYS do research on the matter first... 7/10 chances, 15min on google will enlighten you.)

    As for your question... Mexican Bat Guano is one of the best organic sources!

    Hope I helped!

  11. jesus christ THE WHOLE POINT OF A FORUM IS TO TALK AND SHARE ADVICE if i want to ask somebody about somthing then i will i dont have to read for hours to find that it didnt help 1 bit.. and like canthis or w.e its called said i searched nitrogen and believe me it didnt come up with hundreds of threads about it it came up withh all diferernt threads not about nitrogen so when you think about it im back at square fucking one arnt i..

  12. you helped ye corse you did just like every one else helps but when you get people who reeally think there gadgit at growing they waste there time telling you how they dont like this and they dont like that when its just as easy to tell me what i asked if not dont write at all is that understandable ?
  13. Some characters on GC well... Have there own way of doing stuff...

    I've had the same problem with people on here, not to point fingers but reading cantharis stuff sometimes makes me think he's an arrogant prick but hey, gota remember people will always be people (plus hes from Spain, not anything against Spaniards because im Cuban so I am part Spaniard ,but pride and arrogance is part of our culture, then again, my mom raised ME right lol) ... So when you're on here, take compliments and creative criticism to heart and offenses with a smile and a simple(LOL) :laughing:...


    Stay cool man.
  14. LOOL ye mate
  15. Hey man you know I will answer any question that I can.
  16. hey mate, didn't mean to dump on you. The guide links under "read before posting" rule 5. Research and Search
    If you are here to learn, Do your research and use the Search Button. Also read the stickies in your category, links, and guides, this can answer questions for you so that you do not have to wait for a reply.
    Here are some links if your are new to the cause:
    Grandpa's Grow Guide - *****
    Various Problems Guide
    Some Do's and Dont's
    CFL Guide
    Plant Abuse Chart
    Outdoor Growing Help - *****
    Quick Grow Guide - *****
    Recreational Drug Information
    DarkHaz3's Thread
    Plant Nutrients - *****
    GigZ-16's Pests/Insects Guide
    NORML - Laws

    This isn't to dump on you again, im a newb too. It's just that I learnt countless things I didn't really consider while reading these, and I don't think there's anything off a non sticky thread that isn't covered in at least a couple of these, other than grow room ideas.

    Rather than sit on the net all day, print em out, read em before bed, in the john, wherever, and keep as a reference with your room/box.

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    When you average over a pound a plant you are allowed to be an arrogant prick.

    And I learnt how to do that by reading about it and DOING it, since my first grow in 1967. thegreenmachine gives some excellent references above, recommended reading.

    And I am not Spanish, I am British.

    Peace, y´all.
  18. just like to say that the above are not my links, they came straight from the sticky entitled "read before posting"
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    Superb advice, if only newbs would just read the stickies.

    That really is my point, I am keen to help new growers, as are so many others - that is why I have links to many often asked points in my sig.

    But when someone come on and asks - I want to grow MJ - tell me everything I need to know about growing /soil/nutes/lights - we just can´t reinvent the wheel for everyone when there is a host of info here already.

    And many of these punk kids are just so bone idle, they get a real shitty if asked/told to actually do something for themselves. Everything has to be immediately available without any effort on their part, or it is always somebody else´s fault. As seen here.

  20. what do u mean 'as seen here' who do you think you are then your nothing special pal and if you dont like giving awnser on how to grow DONT BOTHER you rant on as if we owe you somthing! well we dont :D

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