Nitrogen toxicity?

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  1. Both transplanted into ffof 2 weeks ago.

    Northern lights, burnt tips on upper growth pics taken after watering and while plants are sleeping. They are in fabric pots and are not overwatered I promise.

    Delicious Candy - deformed upper growth, new growth seems spindly and frail.

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  2. I would say it too much nitrogen maybe slow up on nutrients? But the reason I responded was because I think you were saying your plants wilted while lights were off? Because I had same issue with a grow I had went away never did know exactly what it was tried everything brought in oaksterdam people and nobody could say exactly why my plants wilted with lights off and were great as soon as lights were on, the harvest turned out great btw

    Sprouting since 77 and I still remind myself "it's a weed just let it grow"
  3. Sorry I'm high just reread it and you did not say it was night wilt lol sorry

    Sprouting since 77 and I still remind myself "it's a weed just let it grow"
  4. I've seen plants that look similar to this, and in those circumstances it was an intake issue with the roots. pH was off, root bound, fungus gnat larve, underwaterd, drainage (obviously not you in cloth.)

    What kind of soil is that and what % are you running your base a+b? The plant might simply just need more/less nutrients all around.
  5. I'm using fox farms ocean forest with 30% pearlite. Watering with plain distilled water so ph shouldn't be an issue. I wonder if this soil is just THAT hot. Recent conversations on some other sites have mentioned quality at Fox farms has taken a nosedive and they are no longer organic with their nitrogen sources and are adding ammonium nitrate to their soils. On guy tested his plain water runoff at 1100 ppm!

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  6. Yea, they look a little too dark green for my taste. The overall color should be a rich blue/green. When you feed them too much, they get funky color wise. If you're using a good grade of grow soil, you don't need a whole lot of extra nutes poured into your plants. Back of the chemicals and let the soil do it's job. That's why we pay so much money for it. When your plants start to look washed out...turn more a yellow/green color, that's usually a good signal that they've used up the nutrients in the soil and need to be fed. At that point, you can either start feeding your plants with nute packages or repot your plant into a larger container. They'll always be root bound or just about root bound when you have to start feeding them and this soil will carry them a really long way all by itself. Just back off the feed and give straight water for awhile and you'll see the color straighten out TWW
  7. I agree with Mr White on no nutes my man. After a transplant your already fresh on the nutrients. Don't add more. But more importantly, you have to pH your water. Don't guess, very few people are lucky enough to get away with it. Most RO water pH at the 7 - 7 1/2 range ( in my experience ).
    Correct me if I'm wrong but we want 6.3 for veg and 6.5 in flower for soil grow.

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  8. My RO water is 7.8 coming out of the faucet and I obviously pH down. When you say "distilled" that means you are buying in Gallon jugs from a store? Or you're running tap water through a Brita filter or something? What is the pH of your not corrected pH water? Distilled water from the store in CO is an even 8.0 for me. Good luck, let us know how it goes
  9. I buy gallon distilled from the store, reverse steam method or some shit. pH is 6.9. I think this FFOF might be hot as fuck. I'm going to leave it simple for a while, and veg for a bit longer in hopes it will uptake some of this nitrogen before I flower. I would imagine N hot soil in flower would be a terrible idea. I think this Reddit thread might have a good bit of information for me. Shame on Fox Farms if this is true.
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  10. In soil there is no need to pH anything as the soil will automatically buffer .
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  11. I've grown side by sides that tell me different, but everyone has different experiences.

    Good find OP on the Reddit thread, I've actually lost a few seedlings lately in fox farms, never figured out why. Thought maybe too much light fried em but maybe it was the soil.

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