Nitrogen Toxicity?

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  1. Having a lot of droop, burnt tips, and dark green leaves and purple stems on the leaves. I transplanted 3 of these into walmart bags, then a week later i transplanted the other 3 as well. The first batch i transplanted are all showing these signs... The other 3 are looking very good so far despite burnt tips. I'm guessing they will be following right behind the first ones...

    I'm using an organic soil, it's pretty meh and i'll never use it again quite thick actually. I added a bunch of miracle gro perlite to help fight the aeration issues and moisture retention iv'e been struggling with. I was told the nutes in that stuff is negligible... seems i was misinformed and should have followed my instincts but i was in a pinch and had no other perlite available aside from shipping it which was stupid expensive.

    Is this N toxicity? Or are my plants not taking in water? As i said, iv'e struggled with soil that stays wet for DAYS, so i loaded it with perlite, put it into very breathable bags and backed off on the water. It's been 2 days since watering though and they shouldn't droop THAT fast i mean wtf. Unless the water isn't being absorbed in the middle then idk. The droop is a lifeless one, not a firm one from overwatering. They are limp as a boned fish.

    In the photos you can see a plant that is being affected and one that is not. Though the tips of ALL are burnt. The temp is around 80, never above 83 never below 75. Idk what to do.

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  2. Are you using any nutrients on em outside of the soil?
    The first pic looks like nitrogen toxicity to me.
    The others look like nutrient burn.
  3. No, just the MG perlite. The 3 that are dark green are hella stunted too. The other 3 are exploding! It's like 3 took to it, and 3 just couldn't get past the sudden nitrogen and went the other way. They were a week younger when transplanted so that might be the difference. That one week might have given the other 3 enough time to develop and use more of the nitrogen rather than it being too much for them to handle.

    Not sure, i just hope the other 3 aren't a week behind these in terms of wilt.
  4. Are they all the same strain?
  5. 4 of them are indica dominant and two are a indica/sativa cross. I flushed one of them really well last night, about to fire up the lights (buzzing ballast and all lol) and see how it did in an hour. I'm sure it will be days before and indeed IF it bounces back. But i don't really want to flush the others just yet if i can help it.
  6. Ok now this is weird... i open the door and they are all perked up way more than they were before... No curling on the sides or tips at all... can't be heat stress. Even the ones in the very back that get less air... nothing is curling up at all. And the ones in the back have been the most healthy too lol. Idk, i'm at a loss as to what this is.

    Flushing the other 2 now. Only thing i can think of is they really needed water and the humidity at night perked them up. Still definitely a nitrogen issue though. Keeping an eye on the other 3 that still look fantastic. Might need to flush those as well. Definitely going with Coco next time lol.
  7. During the night cycle it works on other processes. Maybe that uses some of the excess nitrogen?

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  8. Possibly. Not sure but one thing is clear after getting up this morning. They NEEDED water. Every single one of them is sitting there with arms wide open! I got up and felt like doing snoopy dances once i saw the reaction.

    It's been rough for me since the soil i got stays wet so long. But it appears that adding the perlite, and putting them into the cloth walmart bags REALLY helped. I went from about 6-8oz's of water every 6-7 days for fear of root rot, to wilt after 2-3 days without water... massive change!

    What i did is i carried all 3 of them down stairs and used the sink hose on low and watered each one for a good 2-3 minutes. Let them drain really well, placed them on towels and PRESTO-CHANEGO! Must have had air pockets from underwatering.

    Going to pick up some bloom nutes on the 1st. After flushing them i'm sure they will need it. Not only that but i did switch them over to flower yesterday. It's just too damn hot up here even with AC. So i jumped flower about a week earlier than i wanted but no biggie.

    If nothing else i learned A LOT from this, and it's a large part of why i'm doing it. I want to learn, i don't just want to grow my own medicine, i want to perfect it as much as i can, and it's quite therapeutic tending to them. Iv'e always had a love for growing things.
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