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nitrogen deficiency.. use bloom booster fert?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by static cheese, May 27, 2009.

  1. Whats up GC,

    I did a little research and my babies have a nitrogen deficiency. I dont know where my regular 20-20-20 fert is but all i have is miracle grow bloom booster 15-30-15.

    SHould i water it with the bloom booster for the nitrogen it has?

  2. anyone have any idea? the yellowing is pretty bad and they are curling up looking pretty unhealthy
  3. Pics would be nice. Are you still in veg? Are you budding? Why are you sure about them having nitrogen deficiency? What have you been feeding them? How old are they all around? Dude, to expect a response, you probably should be a little more specific.

    What soil are you in?

    If you are still in veg... all adding the BLOOM booster would do is send them into lockout caused by the Phos. They'd have no use for it
  4. listen to this guy.
  5. no camera right now, and you cant really see them in the link in my profile

    they are still in veg,
    not budding,
    i did a little research and a nitrogen deficiency describes my problem exactly.. so yea thats how im sure,
    ive been feeding them bottled water/some tap water,
    plants are almost 2 weeks old
    a couple inches tall.

    in backyard soil

    All i needed to know if it was bad or not, and apparently it is bc i don't want them to go into lockout

    you summed it up in that last scentence... all i needed to know.
  6. to be honest mate i dont think a plant of 2 weeks old can be suffering with n defiency at that age and the severe yellowing of leafs. have you already fed them? are those temps in there 90s? if so bit harsh for seedlings in my opinion probly heat stressed you want a nice warm humid environment for a good few weeks,i have never grown with cfls i propergated (forgive my spelling if wrong),,my seedlings until they had a few leafsets and placed in closet with my 400w hps i had it 4 feet up with ocilating fan and a dish of water for humidity and spritzed them at times,they took off like a charm

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