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Nirvana Vs Alice in chains Unplugged

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by brahman, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. okay, two grunge bands of epic proportions... who both made classic MTV unplugged albums. AMAZING to listen to stoned.

    the question - whos is better?

    i cannot decide, i will ahve to say tie. both are epic.



  2. Thats a tough one. I am going to say tie. Those of you who haven't seen them are missing out.
  3. Definately a tie. Easily my favorite performances of both of those bands. They're both so eerie in a way yet unbelievably powerful.
  4. AiC, for sure. You can just feel Layne's pain when he sings. Also, you can cleary see how the herion got to him by that point.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3px0m1Y9Tuc]YouTube - ‪Alice In Chains - Nutshell - Unplugged - HD Video Lyrics in Closed Captions‬‎[/ame]

    I guees you could say the same for Kurt, but I'm biased cause I'm not a big fan of Nirvana.
  5. Nirvana Unplugged is one of my favorite live albums of all time.
  6. Alice in chains. hands down.

    i love Nirvana but honestly i think AIC is just way more talented, more talented singer (layne), bassist is sick, lead guitarist is sick, drummer is sick. Nirvana is more of a kurt cobain icon thingy, AIC FOREVAH
  7. gravedug this thread.

    but definetely AIC. I fucking love AIC so much, RIP Layne Staley, THE GREATEST VOCALIST THAT HAS EVER GRACED THIS EARTH.

    I do really love when Nirvana plays Lake of Fire on their unplugged, though. It was amazing.
  8. Nirvana because it's fucking NIRVANA.

  9. This.
  10. Nirvana, there's something about the band that pulls me. They can release a a blank CD with Kurt coughing and I'd buy it.
  11. Nirvana!!!!!!!!!
  12. NIRVANA. That's it.
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    Yeah I'm inclined to agree with this.

    I would much rather listen to an AIC record
    all the way through than Nirvana, although
    I love them both.

    Some Nirvana songs can be a bit....dull.
    Where as AIC songs, there's always something
    I want to listen to whether that's lyrics, guitar, etc.

    Just something about AIC keeps me interested more
    so than Nirvana. Just saying.

    Two great artists gone before their time, what a shame.
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    this thread is great, 2 of my ALL TIME FAVE ALBUMS

    nirvana has a special place in everyones heart. just because theyre awesome. especially this album.

    AIC rocks much harder (appeals to metal fans more IMO) but doesnt make them better. but yes they have great heavy riffs and a sound that is always pleasant to listen to with the vocals.

    TIE! nothing wrong with a good ol tie.

  15. Gotta go with AIC. I've always greatly prefered them anyway, but their Unplugged performance was bone-chilling.
  16. This is SO HARD.
    But Layne Staley is my lover... I have to go with AIC :)
  17. I'd say tie, both emotionally great in each respect. But very different styles of music, even though they are both "grunge"

    I'll save them both for a rainy day.
  18. Also, pearl jam unplugged is just as good as these two... and STP's
  19. Alice in Chains by far, personally cant stand nirvana because of my feelings towards Kurt, i think they are extremely overrated as well, alice in chains have got me through some really rough times in my life and whatever mood im in i can always chill out to them :) Their unplugged performance was incredible, sounded spot on, was really sad to watch though, Layne was so sick =(
  20. Does it matter which is best?
    I love listening to them both, and Pearl Jam, and STP

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