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Nirvana Seeds Review

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by _linux_, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. #1 _linux_, Aug 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 18, 2009
    About two weeks ago i purchased : 1 Pack of 5 of Aurora Indica Fem , and 1 Pack of 5 of Blue Mystic. today the 18 i received them in good condition and were packaged very well A++ Packaging hope to get these suckers into my grow room soon just need to buy a ac LOL well its hot right now here in nyc . #3 order with them and never had a problem will buy again from them soon.
  2. I got a package from nirvana as well....quick shipping..... and 10 for 10 they will get my business again....got the blackberry

    edit...let me know how those go linux...i was lookin at those blue mystics also but the blackberry was just doin it for me!
  3. isnt blackberry for only outdoor?

  4. nope.
  5. Got my seeds from nirvana in 7 days white widow bubbleisous short rider my first 2 short rider broke ground in to days
  6. still waiting to put mine in the soil :(. grow room destroyed :(
  7. bummer what happened?
  8. dad took my shit and threw it out he is bipolar going to be moving soon
  9. dude! no way! lol ohh man what a bummer let me know when ya start up...I want to see those blues grow!
  10. 2 feminized ak-48s already germed and lookin healthy
    Also one bubblelicious fem already germed and lookin good

    I had heard some bad things about WWMS's nirvana products, but so far its lookin good:hello:
  11. I just started to germinate the Blue Mystic and White Rhino from Nirvana last night.
    If I can remember where I left my memory I'll give you some updates.
  12. So far all 4 white rhino germed and 3 out of 4 of the blue mystic germed.
  13. ive ordered, grown, harsted and smoked nirvanas white widow, blue mystic, and there afgani.
    i had great success with the ww and the blue mystic. the ww being more potent but they are both still good highs.
    the blue mystic has a smooth tasting, slight berry flavor with a fruity aroma.(this shit can get pretty stinky if grown indoors)heavy indica stone
    the ww is stinky so watch out indoors. has a heavier stone then blue mystic and has lots of trichomes. smooth taste with a hint of dankness.
    the afgani was not a success at all. bad genetics i believe. out of ten seeds i got 5 to germinate. 4 of those grew and turned into freaks of nature. lots of leaf production, no trichomes, and very little bud that wasnt worth a fuck. the best bud i got was from a clone i took from one of the ladies and it produced a 1/4 oz bud that was ok but no better then blue mystic (as far as potency)
    ive crossed my ww and the afgani, the seeds that were produced are even shit. half wont germ some look under developed. just weird shit with this one.

    so be advised do not order nirvanas afgani, bad genetics.

    im about to try bcseeds for my next order. i hope there legit.
    i hope i helped in some way
    good luck.......
  14. i got the aurora indica is supposed to afgan with northern lights shit hope they turn out well also i almost finished my plans for my new grow room gonna be using 4x4x6.5 tent with 2 6' inline fans and hopefully 2 400 watt hps/mh anyone know how much weight that should grow ? i was told around like 6 ounce a plant if toped right?
  15. so umm .................Which post is the truth ?

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