Nirvana Bubblicious Autoflower CFL DIY GROW FIRST TIME NEED ADVICE

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  1. Hello City!
    I reside in a 420 friendly state and am attempting to grow myself two bubblicious autos from nirvana....


    2'x2'x6' home made closet fastened to wall with a cutout for the electrical outlet

    2- 2'x2' carbon filters made for stove hoods from lowes (intake and exhaust)

    5 gallon plastic tote with many small holes drilled in the bottom for drainage amd a couple in each side so the soil can breath. This has both seeds in it. I read that u need 1 gallon of soil for each month/foot of growth, therefore i determined that 2.5 gallons per plant would be adequate.

    First question!!!!!!!! : do i have enough space and soil for two autos???????

    125 REAL watt hydrofarm 2700k cfl grow light with hydrofarm reflective hood

    4' t8 fliurescent tubes x 2, fastebed vertically in one corner of the cabinet

    A 2'x2' box fan on outside of cabinet blowing IN the bottom filter and a small 6' round fan hanging inside blowing OUT the top filter... i figured heat rises ... temps are averaging around 85 degrees F ... IS 85 DEGREES ALRIGHT ??? WILL IT SURVIVE???


    1/4 perlite


    Will be used for first 30 days with no nutes


    Fox farm tiger bloom

    Liquid seaweed

    Molasses during flushing

    Plan on using nutes from day 30+

    What does everybody think of my setup???? I will post pics in a few minutes...
  2. T8's are 6500k
  3. Day 1 July 30, 2012:

    Germinated both seeds, one in to paper plates and paper towels, the other, submerged in a glass of tap water. The one in the paper towels had twice the root of the other, i thought that was interesting........

    Planted them 3/8" under the dirt with it very lightly sprinkled on top to make the coverage as airy as possible

    Planted with white root facing down

    Used the cup of tap water that sat in a glass for 36 hours for the germ to water in the seeds. The top of the soil has not dried out yet so i am not adding anymore water. They have been olanted for 12 hours. In the pics, there r 2 darker spots in the soil which is where i watered them and the seeds are placed...... water glass on the left and the paper towel germ on the right
  4. Day 3 August 1, 2012:
    The seed on the right that was germinated using the 2 paper towels which at the longer taproot has popped up through the dirt surface first! No sun from the second season left it was terminated in the glass of water yet. I haven't periodically monitoring and lightly lightly watering as to keep the dirt moist for the seedlings to thrive. I gently helped to remove the seed shell this morning so she could spread her wings and get some sun.
  5. Plants are extremely small... About half the size of the northern lightsa seeds I have sprouted before...... Is this normal??? Or due to the fact that the majority of light is 2700k........ They are autos but they're just soooooooooo smallll!!!!
  6. i'm no expert mate...but from everything i've read 2700k is for flowering...also the lights should be as close as possible w/o burning the little i'd say that may be what is going on

    keep it green
  7. Day 16

    Thought id give a little update on how my babies are going. The seedling on the left did not make it. But the one that did is no longer a tiny little twig. It looks rather healthy under the 2700k light. It is august 15. On sept 1 i was going to switch my lights from 24/0 to 18/6 to try and stimulate flowering due to the fact that nirvana has a reputation for autos not being autos..... im gonna run with 18/6 until harvest

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  8. What are these little baby leaves forming on the stem where the branch and stem meet?

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  9. just more leaves mate...generally flowering won't start til you've got some of those five fingered leaves and switch lights to 12/12...but since its an auto you shouldnt have to switch lights to 12/12...a lot of people on here say the more light auto's get the better since they've got a short life cycle
  10. Update August 21:

    Its been three weeks of running my 125w, 2700k ,cfl hydrofarm light on 24/0.... no signs of flowering... i expected this going into this grow due to the fact that nirvana has a rep for autos not being autos... my strategy was to run 24/0 for the first 3-4 weeks, then switch to 18/6 to induce flowering. Last night was the end of the third week so i decided to shut the lights off :) here are some pics of my baby!

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  11. Hey audi some autos take longer to flower then others I wouldn't we worried until week 4. Your plant is looking great:hello:

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