Nintendo Rule !!!

Discussion in 'General' started by mooglekexin, Apr 22, 2003.


whats the greatest ???

  1. zelda

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  2. metroid

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  3. mario

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  4. mario kart

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  5. f-zero

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  6. random obscure game which makes NO sense

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  7. smash bros.

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  8. pokemon

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  9. nintendo porn, its funny

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  10. i dont like nintendo, i dont belong here

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. name your gaming poison...
  2. its aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllll good, even the porn, anime rules ;)
  3. That's one fucked up poll! Not a tough decision though, I saw Zelda and that was it.

    Ocarina Of Time = Greatest game ever!
  4. As far as racing games are concerned HOW COULD YOU FORGET EXTREEME G?!?!?!?!?!
    But as for the rest I went for occarina of time. That fucking ROCKED!!!
  5. omg this one racingh game I had..for some ODD reason it just popped back into my head, but it was the GREATEST game ever!
    i remember it had truck things...and you could buy oil and stuff..does anyone remember this game?
  6. tetris, i just like that game.
  7. was for nintendo btw..agh been so long got it when I was like

  8. hey man, i think the game you are thinking of is RC Racer? or RC Rally or somethin like that.. and you picked up tires and missiles and shit
  9. I had flashbacks to the days of captain skyhawk and little nemo and then voted for almost everything.

    with the exception of 'zoop' nintendo has an impressive track record
  10. what the heck is zoop
  11. its a game where you control a unicycle.. ya thats right, a unicycle. i remember a couple years ago, i was looking at a funcoland catalog at their store and they were selling zoop for the amazing price of $1
  12. no no no

    you're thinking of uniracers, zoop is this crappy puzzle game for snes where you control this triangle and try to solve strangely incomprehensible puzzles
  13. ya i read about it in my egm mag, maybe later if im not so lazy ill post what it says, its just a short article i think. like a column

  14. Yippie!

  15. i dont think he forgot.

    i think he knows whats what...

    dont you realise?





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