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  1. I'm just starting out with my grow lab set-up. I'm in a non-legal state, and I'm curious if anyone has tips to keeping things under the radar. Completely ninja, thanks
    The chef
  2. first of all i know is a pain in the ass but don't TELL ANYONE.

    Second some UV insulation would do u good, also a carbon filter and noise reduction if u have nosy neighbors.
  3. Tell no one. If you buy things online use money orders or prepaid cards. Keep the odor under control. Make sure your lights don't glow outside.
  4. Read it here somewhere else, but the three basic rules apply. Dont tell, dont smell, and dont sell.
  5. Thanks that's all helpful, anyone know of quality brands of vents, fans, insulation I should go with?
  6. if you ask me i would go with some pc 120mm vents, what kinda space u got?
  7. space is everything.

    for example if you have more than a 2x2x4 space a 4'' centrifugal fan will be invaluable. you connect it to a carbon filter and that keeps any stale stanky air from leaking out into your room....
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    i was originally gonna do a pc scrog.. if you look up pc towers... they have that have like 6 places to hook up fans... i was going to get one that had a fan on top so i could use a filter of the top fan or the back it really didnt matter thats how i wanted mine and they could with some up to 8 inch fans

    They even have some pretty big towers too the one i was checkin out was pretty big then... there is this journal of a guy that does this pretty sick scrog.. and his was way smaller than the one i was gonna do... oh also i knew a guy that had a PO box so stuff just wasnt always shipped to his place!
  9. There is a whole sub-forum on stealth and security.
  10. What is the security thread under?
  11. mj cultivation

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