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  1. Hey guys, nice to join The G-City! So I've been toking for about 2 years now, don't toke a lot, maybe 1 to 2 days a week. Usually weekends. But after purchasing a section a few weeks ago, i had a few seeds from the weed left. Now I've NEVER hd a green thumb, but I thought what the hell, why not. so i planted the 3 seeds and in a way totally forgot about them, seeing as i kinda did it as a joke, plus i was TOTALLY stoned when i did it, so yeah, I just went with it. I literally took 3 pots we had sitting there with nothing in, filled them with soil from the garden (i just used my hands and scratched up like 3 hand fulls from underneath our peach tree) and chucked in some compost with them (i found a bag behind the house) and then used my finger and shoved the seed in about half a thumb or less, into the ground, covered it, and gave it some water.

    But then to my surprise, about 6 days of leaving the plants outside in their little clay terracota pots, i came back from work, and TADA, there they were 3 little plants looking at me. healthy, little green leaf plants. I was SO proud, seeing as i had NEVER grown ANYTHING in my life before. Not even those lima bean experiments we did in kindergarden grew with me. But here they were, proud and ready. So i really took a shining to them, and now they've become like children to me...

    So this is my situation. I actually come from South Africa. And no, there aren't lions running around and all savanah like the movies and video games make us out to believe. we are a normal country and i live in a city. but enough of that. I was looking for some advice. Now i stay with a housemate, he's about 30 and doesn't do weed AT ALL, so if he knew I smoked it he'd probably be pissed. if he knew i was growing it, he'd probably go mental, and i'd be out on the streat. So i'm doing it VERY sneakily. I told him the plants were hemp plants. so he bought that. BUT, my problem is, I'm not able to buy a shit load of fertilizers and lights and fans and stuff, coz he would think that's a bit much effort that I'm putting into 2 simple little hemp plants (even though I'd absolutely love to).

    So at the moment, i keep my plants inside on my shelf at night (mostly because it's starting to become winter it gets like 16 degrees celcius at night, so I'm afraid the cold might be bad for them). I put them under my desk light i have, which has like a normal 100w halogen bulb in it (i was the only light i could use that he wouldn't see, coz he never goes into my room, so i had to use a light which he wouldn't miss if it was gone). I put them under the light at like 7'o clock at night (the time when it just about starts to get dark and cold) and then the next morning at bout 7, when the sun comes out, i go place them outside to get some sunlight until i return from work.

    It was raining a lot lately, so i caught a bunch of rainwater in a bucket, and filled two 2liter water bottles with rain water and made tiny holes in the top, so that i can regulate how much i give them. I usually give them a little bit before i go to work, just enough to kinda wet the surface a bit, and then the same amount when i get home.

    In my room i leave the desk lamp on all night. so the basically get 24/7 lighting. but the one is sunlight and the other artificial.

    So guys, wanted some tips if what I'm doing is okay. I will hopefully upload a pic soon. They are about 3-4 weeks old now, and have just started to sprout their 2nd set of leaves (they had the 2 big leaves at the bottom with the 2 leaf capsules, and now another stem grew out of that with 4 more big spiky leaves and 4 more tiny spiky leaves are growing out the side of those leaves now (like in between the leaves and the stems).

    I don't know if it is a male or female yet (i read up on how to tell if they are, but I'm still a bit early to see the flowering i think, maybe another 3 weeks or so). But otherwise my plants have a nice green colour, with kinda shiny leaves. It is South African local weed, which is great, but no indoor kinda stuff like those crazy Purpel Haze type of weed. It's a nice, smooth weed, that gets you nice and high. We call it Swazi.

    So some questions:

    1. Is my lighting arangement okay?
    2. Will the cold affect them?
    3. Do i need to bring them in everynight and keep them under the desk lamp, or can they stay outside to get some dark?
    4. If say they both are male, what will happen? will they die? will i be able to smoke them afterwards?
    5. Should i add anything else to their diet? right now they are totally organic. no extra nutrients or nothing...

    Any other advice you guys wanna give me? But like i said, I've really now gotten a place in my heart for these little guys, seeing as they are the first thing I've EVER grown. So i want them to grow up nice and strong, plus, when they are old enough, I want to harvest them and use their little bodies to get me and all my friends stoned ;)

    Plus, if i actually manage to grow them correctly, i will definitly be doing a proper growing room in the future (when i move into my new place beginning next year, and I get to live alone).

    Thanks guys and GREAT site
    Much Respect
  2. Natural light from a window is no good. You need CFL's or HID's.

    Below 60 dfegrees F does start to effect them.

    Oh OK my bad, you can leave them outside if you like.

    If they are both male, kill them. Males are no good for smoking.

    After three weeks from birth they will need some form of food.
  3. Food? Like what? and it's not underneath the light from a window, it's the light from a desk lamp during the night, and then the light from the sun during the day. they stand outside in the direct sunlight during the day. they get enough rain water in the morning to hold them till night, and then some more before they go under the light. Look, like i said, i can't buy huge lights and stuff, coz i don't want my housemate to get suspicious. So i was wondering, am i doing it right? Swazi (our south african brand) isn't such a delicate strand like say Purple Haze or White Widow. Most of the rural guys living in town ships litterally throw their shit in the grassy field behind their house, and PWALLA it grows! they mix males and females, so their stuff is always seedy. Look, this is my first attempt. i am not looking to grow the worlds best weed, seeing as though the seeds i got were from Swazy, which is a pretty normal strand, nothing heavy about it. Like NOBODY grows Swazi in an indoor growing room. I think because it isn't a KILLER strand, but it's a nice chill strand for the recreational smoker.

    But okay, my plants are REALLY growing well, they got nice green leaves, no sun spots or anything, no light burns, not wilting leaves, they are growing good. I just wanna know if they will be okay or not in the way that I'm growing them now. O, and i was wondering, you say kill the males? That sounds a bit harsch for me...isn't there any way i can like sterilize them? cut their balls off or something ;) or is there no way i can turn them female. coz like i said, these to plants are like my babies. would be really sad if i had to kill them...
  4. OK well if its working for you then keep going.
    No, males can't be sterilized or used for anything but, pollen and maybe hash. All your friends buds are seeded because they don't kill the males and they get pollinated. Seeded bud is often much weaker than sinsemilla. Most growers just kill the males. Since the people around you don't your plant will probably get fertilizerd if you flower it outside.
    For food you can use some miricle grow 10-10-10 or something similar or get Fox Farm nutes.

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