Ninja ears when high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by OODA, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. So I can hear a perons conversation from 2 rooms over?

  2. agreed, I go into ninja mode too.
  3. I personally believe that we can pick up a greater frequency range while high. And I think sounds are amplified too.
  4. Maybe that's why music sounds better?
  5. i have the same thing lol and yes i am guessing thats why music sounds better aswell:smoke:
  6. I go into mega ninja mode when I'm blitz. Good thread.
  7. I love riding with my friend when I'm stoned. He has a sound system in his car that vibrates the seats, and I swear I can feel my hair move around on my scalp. It's amazing.
  8. Glad im not the only one lol.. I can hear everything going on in the house at times...its crazy..
  9. my hearing also gets very sensitive when I'm high.:smoke:
  10. I get ninja nose. A while back I went to my friends house and when I entered the neighborhood I already knew they were smoking. Maybe it's only for the sweet ganja though I'm not sure.
  11. Yea one time I got so high while wearing a hoody that the second I turned my head I had to pull a 180 because I thought someone was sneaking up on me, it was just my hair rubbing on hoody. I dont know about hearing sounds better, just being more alert to them.

    Then again, MJ's effects are subjective.
  12. I hate that shit, Ill be the only one home and think im hearing other people in the house and the tvs off,

  13. lol i get this at times i am guessing its someone elses tv (in another house)

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