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  1. Hey anyone who is a fan of NIN should check out the NIN website for their new album The Slip

    Reznor released Ghosts I-IV, four albums of ambient awesomeness, but The Slip is more like classic NIN and fucking rocks. It got a steallar review from Rolling Stone Magazine and I think it is some of Reznor's best work. Been listening to it and rocking out for the past week or two. Really, it is kickass.

    I don't know how this guy puts out so much awesome music all the time, he is definitely a master musician.

    By the way, The Slip full album and the last four albums, Ghosts I-IV are all free and are being released under the creative commons licence so you can remix, recut, and release all of it if you wanted to, as long as you give credit to NIN. Pretty badass if you ask me. I think eventually all musicians who are true musicians will realize this is the way to go.
  2. Thanks for the reminder man. I completely forgot about this new release. I haven't been a fan of NIN for a few years, I am a big fan of their older stuff. But I am downloading this now and can't wait to listen to the whole thing.
  3. This album kicked me back to listeining to The Fragile. :smoking:
  4. so long as it's not that ambient stuff he's been recently been pushing. i just saw him Thursday and that stuff put the audience to sleep. :rolleyes: The old stuff was well received though.

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